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  1. @Notso You can push all buttons, finally you will fill in your VISA/Mastercard and then you see the true sum and can hit the last buybutton. Its impossible to do wrong.
  2. For some stupid reason I bought the Steam version, I think they relesed it first. Got it transfered to DCS and the module lives now under DCS whith the rest of my modules. Under open beta. I also tried to buy Tank Killer from DCS but got the Steam incompatible message and didnt dare go so far in the buying process as in pic below. So I bought it from Steam 9.99. But got worried when Steam wanted to install 3 components The Tank Killer , A10C II and Open Beta ? In a total different HD and using up 80Gb. Wow really 80Gb ? not only 1 Gb for the module. Luckily I found this thread and dared go
  3. It would be handy to have each modules manual listed here in a thread of it´s own. Downloadable.
  4. Q Should I buy? I normsally dont use glases but if I squint I will see a tiny bit sharper. I just got my Reverb and its not sharp but if I move my head just 10cm forward it will get sharp?
  5. It creates the DB map with the file "version" and also the ctsupdate.exe. I have tried to install in many different ways and two or three times i have got the message Server not available. I did a search in registry for cts.version.txt but it didn´t find nothing
  6. I already have tried both 2.10 installer and ctsupdate.exe with no luck. Inside the version file it already have the code you wrote first up. And it doesn´t work. I also removed this code but when installing again it creates a new version file with that code already in it.
  7. Are you sure? I´m uninstalling following above instruction but when installing CTS I get a message that the CTSversion.txt file is missing and whatever I do it wont let me install. To me it behaves like a registrypost is stopping me. I have for now installed CTS on a second harddrive, so it works but not on C:
  8. Nice work. You don´t have any files for Il2 by any chance? h.kan
  9. Hi again. I like to underline this advice. I had the same problem and I recognise the feeling when I twenty years ago was learning Falcon 4.0. I tried to learn by taking shortcuts, videos and trainingmiz but there were always words and expressions that was not explained. I Remember how I futily read and search the book to get different things explained. Often not finding whath i wanted It was really frustrating. After some months I decided I had to sit down and bite the bullet and read the book from first side to the last. Finally I got everything explained and I also know were to
  10. Firstly You are not stupid!!!! The reason you find it hard is that ED is lazy and they have made a poor trainingpart in the sim. Really pisspoor! Sorry for my language. Thats why someone like Chuck found it necessary to make a completly new manual. That is unheard of whith other sims. And thats why there are so many videos to help you out. I know at least 5 guys that have bought and then shelved this sim. Pitty. I think DCS lose a lot of customers this way. Ed could just studie BMS and see how they have solved this problem. That solution have been there under their lazy nose for 20
  11. h.kan


    The AMPCD as it is today is completly useless. I´m colorblind as 7-8% of all men. I have no problem with seeing colors but to distinguise different shades of almost the same color is just not possible. I do hope ED lay aside the "hardcore" correct way of showing the picture and text on the AMPCD and think of us with this problem.
  12. Make life easy use this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=116454 A long time ago I realised That there where guys that make profiles that are way way much better then what I can do And They are willing to share. Using the CTS is such a bliss you will bee amazed how god it is. So why on earth anyone want to fiddle with doing their own profile when you can get CTS for free and it´s so superior, so instead of fiddling you can start flying. And ED again you must make CTS a sticky so people can find it easily. If you study TARGET you will find that Thrustmaster incorporate many scrip
  13. h.kan

    Which wire

    did I catch? Can´t Find an answer if this will be incorporated in the future?
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