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  1. it's works for the AI as well, so don't worry, it'll work if he uses the right argument to animate it :P
  2. nope....2-3metres is no problem for some guys i know.....(not for me i'm going up to 8 at most times)
  3. why should ED do this? buy Flaming cliffs and you'll get this!
  4. *edit* well it's the Enterprise, a totally different ship ;) dunno but somehow i think it's mixed up a little with the nimitz class...could that be?
  5. maybe 1.02 is better because it has the crack built-in and you don't own a legal copy?
  6. why don't you just use the search function xD you would have found it :P
  7. The GBU-28? the F-111 could carry 2 of them and the F-15E can AFAIK take 1 so the A-10 wont be able to carry even one of those Babys...
  8. the-all-eating-Wave :D 50 Tanks with one Missile :D
  9. you know girls who look as beautiful as a -29k? i wanna know them, too xD:D
  10. i would know, who i would ask if he could copy that disc for me.....
  11. Would it be possible to add unlimited skins to every plane, if we had a .skins file for every plane? if so, could ED release the Data needed for this? (for example: material = {"C-130_okras", "Standart", "C-130-PAINT-DEF.bmp"}; what would we have to add instead of C-130_okras if we wanted to use it for an F-4? )
  12. Mensch Brati, jetzt sei doch nich so fies zu dem armen ;) looks nice, but you really need some anti-aliasing ;)
  13. guess who's back....back again :megalol:
  14. only for a few shots, after that even those geht slower ;)
  15. i have (well I DON'T have xD ) Missing Textures on Tail and Intakes:
  16. well i think adding some ground units won't be that hard for ED, if they can theoretically add a MiG-21 then some tanks shouldn't be a problem, if you give them fully animated models, with damage model and lods
  17. well....i'd bet they won't let an IIAF plane fly-by them.....they would try to push them away, even iif it's only an Airbus....
  18. uuh theres that smell again.....this one's dead a little time now isn't it? well at least it smells like it was xD
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