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  1. nope....they took a lot of firepower and added little bit of Helo to it :thumbup:
  2. hrhr.......12 KH-22's inbound........BLUESCREEN MUHAHA:megalol:
  3. look at who postet it, I wouldn't trust his "info" or whatever he calls it...
  4. so the pilots throw out some Zippos at airshows? otherwise i couldn't explain seeing those flare-like-thingies they dropped...
  5. which is basically a MiG-29A brought to NATO-Standard with locked A/G capability
  6. do you see what happens to all the microsoft Combat sims? they get modded and modded, and it won't take long until some dumba$$ builds himself a plane able to carry 2048 missiles and about 500guns, going mach 5 and turning on a post stamp......where's the fun and realism in THAT? ED is doing well in not releasing their SDK, Lockon stays the best this way, if they give us the options to design planes and flight models, but keep the tools to import them into the game, and only let tested planes which are no cheats enter the game, it would be ok
  7. yeah we have only 3 american ships, it wouldn't be that hard to add a 4th (Spruance) since it's already coded an only misses the model ;)
  8. that sounds sweet! gonna build am extra Smoke Panel then :D
  9. do you mean: awEsome or awFUL ? :D
  10. yep, the nato and russian refueling systems are incompatible
  11. ah i see, you are talking 'bout the Tigers for Australia and i'm talking 'bout the german ones ;) well ours are ordered to be mainly Tank Hunters, although they're capable of other jobs ;)
  12. The Tiger is designed for the following missions: destruction of high-value targets, such as command centers, armored troops, logistical units and long-range Weapon systems (maybe long range SAMs?)
  13. Anytime, it's more likely the opposite: The Tiger is a Tank-Hunter, Recon is at best it's secondary role The Rooivalk was mainly build for Fighting against infantry, so no heavy armor is installed, they changed the armor for a better movement
  14. because the A-10 can carry only those 2? and because the -K we have would be too heavy on double racks? getting tired of this discussion, it's coming up again and again and again....:megalol:
  15. nope...the B-52 can carry AGM-86 but no AGM-109
  16. the F-14 has a refueling boom...lokk carefully, it's that thin black line.....it has not one of the best models you know ;)
  17. lol that looks like they LOPE'd the Payload to use AIM-7 xD
  18. Zero Length Launch System, tested to operate the F-104 even if the runways were not useable for takeoffs.... the rocket boosts the plane to a speed, when it wouldn't stall, like a catapult
  19. I definately second that, Alfa :megalol:
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