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  1. 9 ALARMs i think.....3 und the belly and 3 under each wing...
  2. if it happens....we don't have to care anymore xD
  3. talking about JaBoG 32....were any of your guys there? looked around but only found a bunch of falconeers ;) btw: that tornado picture is a good one...the plane looked quite crappy on the ground.....the RAF Tornado was in far better shape
  4. i wouldn't laugh about that....they do quite well in living without the "western world"....they're living for ages without western support, but their AF still flies and also has been upgraded ;)
  5. no he didn't but if you read the forums and look around for a few minutes you will find out, that there is no model for the -27 available and that that TU-160 is for MSFS
  6. wrong order of actions ;) 1.: use "search" 2.: post "bug" ;)
  7. damn how would i be able to drink my Fuel in that thing? has it an integrated Beer Storage?
  8. a lot smaller ;) it's small community, but you won't find as many idiots on the servers as in BF and CS ;) don't understand...you mean the number of servers? that would be 6 or 7 always running create your lockon.ru account and log in with it ;) you only have a forum account right now i guess ;) yep....but not comparable to that booster pack crap, FC is not just a mod like all those Boosters where, but a full AddOn definately woth it's price! nope ;)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw8eNjDC-Ms isnt this one also stolen? i think ive seen this footage before....
  10. yep...the intro is made using Movie Maker....LoCsta used Vegas ;) I don't think a Vegas user would even touch Windows Movie Maker....
  11. lol no it doesn't work :P
  12. Sverige they call it i guess :D would love to see their planes in LO (J-35, JA-37, JAS-39, SAAB-105)
  13. nah you just create ab big hole in the Runway cuz you didn't jettison your 12 Mk82s ::megalol:
  14. that missile could be used another time.....needs no warhead for a bee :megalol:
  15. the worst bug is that easy Radar thingy :P :megalol: i have the same white line, never really cared about it ...
  16. guess i'll get some popcorn and beer, it gets interesting :megalol:
  17. works with Russian Stuff, Western planes would fall out of the sky, like a dead bird :megalol:
  18. downloading now.... btw: the missiles in the picture are mislabeled, those are R-27, not R-73 ;)
  19. was this the movie where they had this F-117 with some kind of Tube, to attach them onto a Jumbo in the air, to enter the plane and kill all the bad guys? :D
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