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  1. I'll look into it ... got two projects underway ... so may be a while.
  2. Follow Eightball's install instruction and read my readme file. Essentially, Your Saved Games/Mods/Tech folder ...
  3. Two more "skins" for Eightball's excellent Airport Services Vehicle Mod. Follow Me and TA trucks for Andersen and Incirlik Air Bases. Link ibelow. Enjoy! See attachment for skins mentioned above at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317707/ Requires 7-zip to extract. Enjoy! Version 1.1 updated to fix burned out headlight ... ( thanks Warlord)
  4. CTRL+WASD or SHFT+WASD I believe provides a little of what you want.
  5. Greetings DCS Aviators! I hope everyone is enjoying the DCS Mariana(s) Islands Map. I've created some Kneeboard products you may find useful to enhance your Mariana Island Map flying experience. All information within is public sources from the Univ of Texas Library and Andersen AFB publicly released data that fits the historical timeline of the DCS World simulator. - 1:500,000 Scale Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC) coverage of all Mariana Islands - Machete North and South Drop Zone depiction - Andersen AFB Communications Card Data - Air Refueling and Anchor Tracks Route Data (Map and Spreadsheet) - Air Refueling and Anchor Tracks Route Static Template (STM) files for use in the mission editor - R-7201 Restricted Area Range DPMI Weaponeering Data (Notional) - DCS Mariana Island Map Navaid and Airfield Communications Data Place the included STM files in the following location: C:\Users\Your User Name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\StaticTemplate Place the included Kneeboard PNG files in the following location: C:\Users\Your User Name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\Your Aircraft Of Choice The DCS_MARIANAS_KNEEBOARD_V1.1 PDF is formated to work on your iPad and most popular tablets. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317445/ SAMPLES BELOW
  6. Bravo Eduardo! Nail meet Hammer. But I truly understand cfrag's belief that the community contains many toxic personalities ... ban them as you do and move on. It's sadly just a part of dealing with the public at large.
  7. cfrag, Ignore the downvote nonsense ... keep improving your app and press on!
  8. Confirmed still a problem. You often get an error message about flat ground trying to place a helo on these helopads. Many near the Turkish/Syrian border have trees encroaching on or growing up through the helipad platform.
  9. Great job Comrade Doge! I tried "The Way" on the Nevada Map and the ingest of the Longitude is in Easting instead of Westing. Any chance of tweaking the app for Western Hemisphere coordinates? I just went in and overwrote the coordinates manually with W vs. E and the marker pulled point was as expected and then showed up on SEQI. I've not tested in the Eastern Hemisphere maps of Syria, PG, etc, but I expect everything works as advertised on those maps. Thanks for a nifty and simple targeting/waypoint implementation for the Viper and Hornet.
  10. Just upload to Mediafire and post the link here. Nice skins BTW.
  11. DDU may work also. The solution above is the NVidia recommended in-house solution and not a 3rd-Party App.
  12. Clean Install Procedure of NVidia Driver to improve DCS performance and potentially reduces errors. - Run Geforce Experience - Select Drivers tab - On GeForce Game Ready Driver Version line left-click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen and select Reinstall driver - Select CUSTOM INSTALLATION - Say Yes to prompt - Under installation Options check all desired components to install - Check box for Perform a clean installation and click on INSTALL - Allow install to finish and then reboot computer - Delete FXO and Metashaders2 subfolder contents in your SAVED GAMES/DCS.openbeta folder - Run DCS and allow FXO/Metashaders2 contents to repopulate - Enjoy smoother gameplay and reduce errors! PDF attached below for archive purposes ... enjoy! NVidia Clean Install Procedure Tip.pdf
  13. Nellis Fleet Livery Pack WIP ...
  14. Nellis Follow Me and Transient Alert truck livery WIP by yours truly ...
  15. Congratulations! Well done! Drop the attached gmc_pickup.dds into the textures folder (fixes missing texture) and you have perfection! gmc_pickup.dds
  16. Watch, then review this mission setup in the mission editor. The key is waypoint spacing for the AI. 16SNAKE-EYES100.miz
  17. Here's the actual Garmin NS-430A Quick Reference Guide ... (attached) GNS430_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf
  18. It can be placed as an AI vehicle yes.
  19. ARG COMMANDS ... Find the ARGs for a aircraft/vehicle in Modelviewer2 and the range of the "actuation", like -1 to +1. Place the following code in the livery Description.lua ... The example below is for a Helo to put it's ramp down. SAMPLE custom_args = { [86] = 1.0, -- Ramp } BASIC FORMAT custom_args = { [ARG NUMBER FROM MODELVIEWER] = RANGE NUMBER YOU WANT SET FROM MODELVIEWER, -- REMARK THAT DESCRIBES THE ARG FUNCTION } Extract the attached static livery.7z with 7-Zip and place in your C:\Users\YourUserName\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\FA-18C_hornet folder and then place via mission editor as a static object. LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8zdgvz7o3vtg0dm/static_livery.7z/file
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