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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314846/
  2. AAR Speed from a KC-135: A-10 - 220KIAS F-14 / F-18 - 285KIAS
  3. Just a quick capabilities test of the new Handy Wind cargo ship ... https://youtu.be/YjhTnKqpLSs
  4. Advisories - Advisories are displayed here on the left DDI in regular text, separated by commas. Advisories display until the condition causing them to display no longer exists. Advisories "spill over" from the LDDI to the MPCD and then the RDDI (in order) if there is not enough space to display all advisories. Advisories are also moved to the MPCD if the LDDI is off or failed, is displaying a weapon video format (e.g. Maverick missile format), or is displaying the BIT format. A new advisory is indicated by being spaced away from the ADV- line and any previously acknowledged cautions. To ackno
  5. Backy 51

    AH-1 Template?

    Any skin templates for the Cobra anywhere?
  6. Place the M551 Sheridan in the Late Cold War Era. It was used in Operation Just Cause and Operation Desert Shield/Storm in the 1989-1991 time frame. It is the ideal vehicle for airland transport and heavy equipment airdrop by the Anubis C-130J Hercules. It was also used at the Fort Irwin National Training Center West as a Soviet Era OPFOR armored vehicle simulator.
  7. MCAS Cherry Point VMAQ-2 Playboys WIP ...
  8. My bad, operator error ... literally ... I had not selected Transport ... LOL Merry Christmas Viper!
  9. Thanks for the C-130J-30 Viper! Pimp for the AI C-130 and C-17 ...
  10. Viper, When you add the Anubis Hercules to the Flights pull-down list can you also drop in the AI C-130 and AI C-17 pretty please?
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