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  1. For me a real challenge is to go 1v1 with a F-5 on ACE skill level. At this point I almost never beat him. I go back and watch what the AI does on TAC-VIEW and the AI manages energy like ..... well an AI! AI sucks at maneuvering low though
  2. You might look at your windows firewall. It could be blocking things and it will change with every windows update.
  3. I also use the AOA indexer there is a little "T" at the 3 o'clock position on the gauge if you keep your AOA at or below that line you should not bleed much or any energy. Also if the aircraft is buffeting, you are pulling too hard.
  4. Do you know what a Beta is? The alternative is we have nothing and wait for years. Its a trade off. No one forced you to buy the beta version of these aircraft.
  5. Photo of my Pit https://photos.app.goo.gl/YamwjJhwUniw32G29
  6. yeah I have a test mission. Nevada, same everything save the planes. The other odd thing is its not consistent. Some times it runs smooth as glass. Next launch, complete garbage. I am watching other running processes to see if there is some interference. The only thing that seems to make a difference is I am running Ikarus for the instrument displays. If I run this on a separate PC it does help but I think the F18 systems are a larger resource hog than other modules. I am still experimenting. I'll post any revelations. :)
  7. I have been doing some testing to see why my game will runs poorly from time to time and it seems to be centered around the F18. If I start my PC and fly just about any aircraft I get good frame rates. As soon as I fly the F18 everything goes to hell and its the same for any other aircraft I fly after that. CPU will occasionally peg at 100% where it normally runs at about 65% Here is where it gets interesting, I shut down the game, then relaunch the game. Same behavior, all planes have horrible frame rates. Only after a full reboot do thing go back to normal. Or at least until I fire up the F18. Anyone else experience anything like this? For reference I am using an i5 8600k over clocked, m.2 drive, RTX 2070, 16 GB ram
  8. I get a huge drop with F-18 as well and for me its not tied to the SA page. Its pretty much across the board :(
  9. Ok thanks. Yeah I was wondering if this was DCS specific. I know BMS and just about every other game I have played it would go to center. To include the F15 in DCS I think. Oh well I am sure it will get fixed one day.
  10. Hello all, I want to ask the serious F18 grognards out there if they know of a way to get the radar TDC to reset to the center of the radar screen when a target is undesignated. The behavior I noticed is that it always goes to the upper left corner of the screen when it resets.
  11. I have the same problem. With the track clip pro.
  12. Do either the F-18 or F-14 have a working jammer. I seem to recall that the F-18 still doesn't, maybe its a balance thing?
  13. I agree and would add that this was as much a failure in training and the Ops Briefing as it was the pilots error. Anyone that has ever flown and been under stress can attest to the fact that clear thinking severely compromised.
  14. Also I did notice both vlsm modes will not work in gun mode only in one of the missile modes. Is this correct?
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