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  1. Fixed. Please watch the video below. If it is ok now, then please wait the fix in the nearest updates. Thanks
  2. You are definitely right. There is a bug with the initial pitch of the sound. You have perfect ears I will fix it
  3. KC-135 and some other Turbofan engine sounds updated. Plz wait in next updates something like that:
  4. Thanks for your report. You are definitely right. But it's not good just to remove FAN sound from it. We need to create the separate sounder for the CFM56 engine. I'll take care of it
  5. The pitch of the prop sound from the front fixed. And the distant sounds added. Plz wait in next updates something like that:
  6. There's something wrong with the pitch of the front sound. I will fix that
  7. btd


    I see. Well, it's not a problem of a sound engine. There are separate settings for each sound, that adjust the sound radius for it. It is impossible to raise the sound range of everything with one setting. It is necessary to change all hundreds or thousands of settings separately for all sounds that you want to increase along the sound radius. And because of this the overall sound mix may change. Thanks for your report, we will keep in mind that we should increase the radius of loud sounds at about 30%. Although I'm not sure if it's worth it. Cause this will put an additional load on the game
  8. btd


    The current version of the DСS allows you to hear the sound of a FA-18 engine, for example, from behind at a distance of 7-7.5 kilometers. From the front, the distance will be shorter depending on the relative speed between the aircraft and the listener. This is how Doppler works.
  9. Here is the second test video. Many thanks for your help! We just need to edit the engine so that the rpm does not drop to zero so quickly.
  10. Sorry, but I can't add the sound just because it will be useful I have the audio recordings from the cockpit. Alas, there is no indication of braking by sound
  11. But on the P47 there are no brakes squealing There is no pneumo system.
  12. Thank you very much for this interesting information. I used to think differently. I will fix the sound cone. If it's not difficult for you, send me the recorded sound by mail, please btd@eagle.ru
  13. Nice. So far I made a test variant: As for FA18, pilots said: "Hornet doesn't have that noise, neither does the super hornet, only the T-45 does"
  14. Very cool! Many thanks. Any good audio recording can help a lot. Also, if possible, I ask you to record the startup, without a distortion and preferably with a minimum or without extraneous noise :)
  15. No. I've mentioned there. It was recorded with professional sound equipment.
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