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  1. didnt think there was atc on sc for taxi directions etc unless i missed some thing
  2. no need to if you got voice attack saves time trying to find your key board
  3. ok than no worries iam the other way i preferr to set my own targets and set the times etc for aircraft to take off
  4. simple solution to your key board command is to get voice attack, works wonders dont need to touch my keyboard when using vr, got everything mapped to voice attack, good thing about voice attack works on everything else you got installed being the other sims etc msfs p3dv etc
  5. have you tried to alter the times for take off from the carrier etc so that dont all take off the same time and will return at the same time so if you alter the times eg like 20 minutes apart that should give them time to land at the carrier
  6. since your trying out campaigns etc have you checked out the dcs liberation dynamic campaign one out since its free and imo is the best one out there 1 you can choose what ever aircraft you want to fly ( as long its one of your faction as listed in the section) 2 there are heaps of theaters you can do 4 maps and in each of those 4 maps there are roughly about 5 different missions and in each of those you can choose what season you want to fly in winter summer etc. 3 you can choose what year of war you want to fly 1940 or 2005 and what country you want to fly for and against 4 it can take up to 30 or so missions to complete the campaign there are heaps more options to choose within it as well actually probably too many
  7. yep i know that you can hide all enemy targets in the f10 in the settings you had described
  8. be more nail biting if you couldn't use the f10 or that the enemy aircraft were set to invisible not like you could bring up the f10 in rw flying
  9. downloaded the new version to a folder on my desk top had no issues in viewing the mission briefs on each mission one to 4, although i had no issues with the previous version at all
  10. Once you get used to it doesnt take that long to do it
  11. could try this if it helps delete the f6 key view and than re assign it back again , if it doesnt work than could be the f6 key is not working depending if its working for other aircraft
  12. depends on the mission set up if your not using tr that is or have f6 bound to another key bind
  13. thats why you should back up your control settings so if the update does break your settings somehow you can revert back to the saved settings
  14. all sound in "options" checked
  15. probably why i havnt got a issue since never go on line
  16. not a issue with me using vr in the liberation campaign
  17. yep bug anything less than 80 it wont track or lock
  18. it does when you and your ai are refueling at the same time
  19. yep found out the hard way now i just go for the tracking radars now
  20. Made a simple mission for testing purposes etc, made a group of 4 units sa2 (sr) sa2 (Ln) sa2 (Ln) sa2 (Tr) I was under the assumption that if i only took out the sa2 sr was enough to disable the unit from firing sams at me but now think i need to take out the sa2 tr radar as well ? since after taking out the sr the unit still fired sams at me
  21. Cant be that complicated if it took 20 secs to do
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