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  1. I honestly dont think ED owe any of the customers. It's their choice to part with their cash and enjoy LOMAC for what it is. It may not match expectations but thats expectations for you. Sure encourage progress but dont act like they owe you. Anyways! "Come by yarrrrr m'lord, come by yarrr"
  2. Ahhh man! Do ED owe you or something? They made their game, you bought it. Just be glad someone got off their asses and made it. Anyways Lockon has brought me much joy, just love that LOMAC flying feeling! Respect to the ED crew:icon_jook
  3. Using Mav's, you'll find that as soon as you activate the applicable sensor (Radar or Passive) the 'pipper' on the HUD will lock up a target, but will then drift off target. So to use them, fire as soon as you pickle your target.
  4. Good poll. For me the seventies. Less BVR and more close up missile work, and you had to work hard for a good shot. Great fun in Falcon 4 FF.
  5. I would appreciate this aswell. I downloaded a huge campaign for the MiG29A (around 3Mb) and cannot proceed onto the second mission because there is no 'objective' set!
  6. :icon_frow Damn. Thanks for setting me straight. That got my heart pumping! Mig23MLD flyable! Would this work in multiplayer, if all people had the same ME.xml file? That would be a blast. :icon_jook
  7. Hi, ive tried doing the above for the MiG23-MLD. But i cant really control the plane, it just dives to the earth and blows up. Same with the F14A, F5E and MiG27. What have i done wrong?
  8. I didnt mean you! I just quoted you because i agreed with what you said. Peace :icon_jook
  9. Yeah. :icon_jook All you lot who bitch and moan about what i said, know deep down that it's true.
  10. Well i just shared my opinions without insulting anyone. I now know that what is refered to as 'political' is going to encourage people to write crap and get angry, like Stormin's posts. So i wont do it. I was simply replying to another's post about 'why' such a thing could happen. It was another's choice to post something that would get the thread locked. Freedom of speech requires tolerance of what is said by others. It's called taking your head out of your ass. If you dont like what i said, post a reply that wont get the thread locked. :icon_jook
  11. That would be me. (i guess) Im really sorry it got locked, but i was just sharing what i thought on the matter. So i'm sorry about that, i was trying to restrain myself. I'll know next time not to get 'political'. So thanks for this new thread thanking me. :) Boo-Hoooo!
  12. That's true, when i first heard what happened i was so angry. But i remebered that we (The U.K.) have dropped bombs into the cities of other countries killing innocent strangers. I beleive the civilian death toll in Iraq is over 100,000 men women children etc. So i realised that the definition of 'civilised society' is the ability to bomb the hell out of others and for the most part get away with it. I dont mean to offend anyone, i was born in London and this has affected me and others close to me. I just put two and two together and realised that we are doing the very same to others and o
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