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  1. HI: I'm seen this error when trying to import the F-18C. anyone have an idea why this is happening? Best Regards
  2. Thanks men!!!!! very helpful response keep up the good work
  3. Hi: I'm trying to export a model to .edm and this is the error I got: Error:Parser error: (string"p=(mapchannel 1=1.-")): 1'(name)'expected near '1' ..node viper-dcs-export-001:layer1 file: .build/x86-64/vc120.release/utils/ngmodel-maxplugins/2012/exporter/edmodelexporter.ccp:525. If any one know how to fix this please tell me. Best Regards
  4. Thanks for the answer, I was hoping to drop some KAB-1500LG to one battery of Strela in the SU-25 Georgian campaign. They give me the nerves!!!!!:joystick: Also there is no news of new Mig-29 model??? or is still in integration process too???
  5. I haven't seen them in the DCS world. It was just a preview or they are already in???
  6. Any news on Mi-29 3D Model and AFM ????? also wasup with Mig-29SMT????
  7. Why a Tu-160 if off limits??? I don't see any impediment on that. 4 coop or IA for the other crew. And Tu-160 is old plane I'm sure that somewhere on Internet there is a Fly manual. And the Tu-22 and Tu-95 is tha same.:thumbup: I'm just waiting for the Mig-29SMT or Su-35.
  8. Nice one!!!:) I was caught by the work. Mi friend say that he able to do the animation, but in his opinion the model still has some rough edges, and the textures are below DCS standard and as I told you guys he is -10 in texturing. If some one manage to do a rework on textures perhaps he could release the animations. But then again DCS has in plan a Mig-29 module. Shinigami Out...
  9. Thanks pal let me talk with my friend.
  10. And the S-300 and the hawk???? No release date yet???
  11. Were????? I know a guy that is very good at animating. no modeling skills but in animation is the best. Shinigami Out...
  12. I was talking not directly of you but to DCS cause you are ED tester, no???? I was a mere rambling.
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