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    Laptop für VR

    HDMI Achtung! Hallo. Vor ca. 2 Jahren hat ein Kumpel eine negative Erfahrung mit VR am Laptop gemacht. Das Gaming Notebook hatte eine gute Grafikkarte, aber der HDMI Ausgang war nicht mit dieser Grafikkarte sondern nur mit der einfachen Onboard Grafikkarte verbunden. Anscheinend ist es möglich, dass die Gaming Grafikkarte nur für den Laptopmonitor gedacht ist. Du solltest also sichgehen, dass es überhaupt vom Systemdesign möglich ist, am HDMI das VR Headset zu betreiben. Viele Grüße und viel Erfolg, Mozart.
  2. Admin mode Windows? Does this have to do with starting the game in Admin Mode or not?
  3. How to uninstall / stop using GUI utility? Hi guys, I hope this is not a redundant question, but I couldn't find anything with the search function. I want to stop using the GUI utility, delete or uninstall it. I don't need the functions, I use DCS so rarely, that I want the number of things to update at a minimum. I just want to click the DCS button, have the update dialog and then go on and play. How do I remove DCS GUI utility completely? Presently I don't have the normal starting icon and menu for direct DCS start. Thank you, Mozart.
  4. Your Experience? Hi guys, thank you a lot for your feedback on the experience with the Brunner base! Is there any lag in the force feedback response? I remember on the Microsoft Force Feedback stick that I would move the stick and then, with a delay, the stick would apply pressure against my movement. That delay was a showstopper for me, it felt so unreal... Could you report on the experience in the supported sims? Take care, Mozart.
  5. Hello Community, so I am really missing a force feedback joystick and I have noticed the Brunner joystick base, which is expensive and not compatible (yet). It's worth the price if the functionality is there I guess. https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/produkt/cls-e-joystick/?lang=de So the question is, how can I get Brunner and ED to work together to make it compatible? Is anyone of ED reading along to suggest who could be a contact person with the developers? Also there is the question of expected functionality, please comment on that, if what I am expecting is going to be rea
  6. Review Hi. I got a dogfightboss A-10 cockpit about 2 years ago. I had it sent to me printed and cut, because german printing industry was way more expensive. It was designed in Patrouille Suisse colors (ok, that's not A-10 they are flying, but I didn't want camouflage sitting around), and I love just the way it looks great in my basement. The build is done in an afternoon with a hot glue gun and lots of fun. It takes a few weeks for the odor of the paint to go away. The cockpit offers great space options to put the VR headset and keyboard and some accessories on the side console
  7. Hi guys. I just tried different extreme values in the eye distance value in stereo.lua and it had no effect on my Vive. I remember that we used to change that value in the Oculus prototype days. At least the VR headsets are nothing but stereo monitors directly in front of your eyes. However, the experimental results are: stereo.lua has no effect on my Vive. Sorry guys, didn't mean to mislead anyone!
  8. Yes, you are correct. The values are examples without relevance to the values of the specific case.
  9. Hi. There is a file to put in your simulated eye-distance. You can find the topic by searching a thread about "stereo.lua". I copied this instruction out of one thread: "As far as I know it's in \DCS World\Config\MonitorSetup\Stereo.lua There is an "eye_shift" parameter, try changing it. The sum of those two should be equal to your IPD (IIRC value is in meters, <0 for left eye and >0 for right eye, therefore in your case that should be -0.034 and 0.034)." I used that a while ago and I think it is working well. I have 74 mm IPD and since I entered that value it feels normal, t
  10. Hi. I get an extreme FPS drop when I'm in Multiplayer and I see bullets (Tracers) being fired from and on other airplanes. It is extremely evident because I use the Oculus to play and head movement is smooth unless I can see bullets. Bullets fired on my plane that pass my cockpit don't have that effect. Does somebody have an explanation or solution for that? Thank you. Mozart.
  11. Hi from a newbie. Has anybody ever tried projecting the up view or something similiar? I only find front and approx. 45 deg. sideviews in the 3 monitor/beamer setups, but for dogfighting one is usually banked, so the opponent should be in front and above, so that's where I would want to look at least as much as the sideviews. Also low inverted flying should be so much cooler! So before I build a projection box or a tilted front screen and fail miserably, any experience is appreciated... ;-) Yours, Mozart.
  12. Hi. I found the attached image at a Navy Website with no other reference to what it is and where. Has anyone ever tried projecting on such an "inside box" screen setup? I think, projecting the "up" view would be useful in a fighter sim, because in a dogfight the plane you're chasing is always leaving the forward view towards the up view. Haven't tried it though, am interested in your opinions! Yours, Mozart.
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