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  1. If memory serves correctly it is located in the General area. If you mean aircraft and tank labels. Regards.
  2. Yes i AGREE with this. I have $20 in my bonus and was going to use it up after the preorder was done. A bit sneaky TBH.
  3. Is there a reason i cannot use my bonus points when i wish to purchase the F14? I checked with some other products that i dont own and it allows me to use my bonus points. Regards.
  4. Trying to place more than 1 F18 on the stennis. The only option i see for parking is Auto? Is there something else i am missing? Regards
  5. Yes i agree OP tried to create a mission for 2 of us. Takeoff from ramp. I spawned in and when my mate spawned in he spawned on top of me and we blew up.
  6. Yeah i just tried it same map same MP session and no issues. Wierd
  7. Anything i can do to help. Hope it helps you :) Regards Mike
  8. Here is my log file. I looked at my track and it shows my plane landing normally :( Its a 20mg track file. Dont know if i can upload it. Put it on Google drive. Let me know if it works please. Regards Mike https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TQQkxiT6xpkrmF6Gb7YMYph4yLWQi2Uc/view?usp=sharing
  9. Carrier Crash I started a MP session with my friend i am hosting flying F18's and every time my hook touches the deck my plane freezes. I can retract hook etc but plane does not move. My friend is unaffected. he can arrest the hook etc with no issues. I asked him to land after my plane froze and he collided with me. The pic below shows where the plane freezes. it appears as soon as the hook touches the deck the freeze happens. To be clear my game does not crash. I can still go about server activates like spectate go choose another plane etc. Regards Mike
  10. +1 On that i would like to use the warthog mini stick for TDC.
  11. So can we use SSAA instead of pixel density for VR?
  12. To add with deferred shading off the 4/5 blue auto buttons on the bottom right side of the cockpit show correct illumination. With differed shading on they dont go blue when activated. So you dont know if there activated or not.
  13. I would give you Rep mate but dont see how to do that.
  14. feefifofum thxs for you're SUPER EFFORT mate. We will really appreciate what you have done :) Maybe the other script does not work properly with 2.5? At any rate i used you're methods on my original mission as i had added stuff did a quick AI CAS and when the last target got snuffed the group respawned as you said in a slightly different area within the zone. HATS off mate. Thxs for you're time on this Regards Mike
  15. feefifofum As requested my .miz below. Thxs mate Regards Mike Multiplayer Training Extended.miz
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