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  1. Ive just flown a mission in the 109. Its the same story. Flies like a paper plane/ no inertia. Please, please ED give the WW2 birds inertia. Substance! Or A serious flight model look-see! Try a ground loop at 10 knots! OMG! Its a paper aircraft! Over and over? No weight! In the air the P51 are fast, but I cant get a stady bead., the 109 is a paper aircraft, no inertia (Id like a real 109m pilot to fly this , slip and skid..there isnt any because thers no inertia (how sad there arnt any physics involved here? LUCKY for ED)
  2. Thanks for replying. Ive been flying DCS for about ten years. This is new. Never saw this before? Also I must say the WW2 flight dynamics are atrocious! Ground handlind has NO INERTIA! They are paper aeroplanes! Me109 all over the place trying to get enemy in sights for 1/1000 second! Im ok in Mirage Charlie...my favourite! Thats fine! But WW2 birds are terrible! I was going to buy the P47 but declined due to the terrible flight dynamics! So thats my story! I cant fly WW2 birds at all...bad ph
  3. Sorry but this is rubbish! I just loaded up a Me109 mission I flew 2 months ago and now in a dive I get a Green Screen1 NOTHING! Screenblanls out. Game blanks out! No Im not on VR...Same monitor for 4 years! So Is it 1. my graphics driver 2 my game vrsion. 3 my fault 4 or its just updated code that doesnt sinch well? I am so sick of updats soiling the sim. Whats going on here? MSFS is terrible, now my main sim is acting stupid! If I cant use DCS Im done for! Thanks David
  4. ive tried the trial combo and the training missions. cant et the guns to fire?
  5. Many thanks. Forgot about Chuck's guide. Indispensible! I think what I did wrong was go from 530 radar mode into Magick mode via the PCA panel. Although I had a great lock and tone the Magick wouldnt fire. (still in 530 radar mode?) A short range mode was required. Although I'd selected Magick in PCA, I did not see the horizontal wide search mode, in the HUD? Since I dont have a HOTAS Warthog, only a Saitek X52, I am relying on Voice Attack for the other switches. This is a tricky aircraft. I thou
  6. Hi all. I just got going again on a new PC. So thought Id better re do training missions. Air to Air mission. I got the C130 with a 530 then fired the other 530 at the SU27's. I missed, so selected Magicks. Got a radar lock and a tone, but pressing trigger nothing happened. Seemingly neither Magick would come off the rails? Is there a new step Im missing here? Thanks!
  7. After using AMRAM and selecting TACAN/ILS for landing on carrier, can not get rid of flashing target diamond on HUD. Undesignate target does not work. AA off Wep arm off, no joy. Looks like its a bug in the HUD logic. HUD stuck in AA AMRAM mode, even though no target is locked and radar off! Thanks
  8. I watched Wags video and have a handle on it now. I can not steer the SLAM using the TDC. It just flies to the TOO, or very close! I find the DDI image indistinct? All I see are blobs? Guess that's realism for you! Thanks
  9. After the 2.5.6.update, 52437, I cant fire the gun in AA or AG mode and cant fire sidewinders? I can shoot the AGM 122. I can drop bombs. My trigger is working for the AGM 122 but not for Gun and Sidewinder? Thanks
  10. I just installed the latest stable 2.5.6 Using AGM 65E SLAM, noted that its very inaccurate in TOO mode. The missile should engage a IR seeker in terminal phase. So designating TOO via IR lock from Litening should ensure a hit. Instead the missile veers off course. Using SLAM in PP is OK. So its only useful for fixed targets. Also noted the speed of the SLAM is very low. Launched at 300 Knots at 15000', the missile slows down to 250 knots for most of the distance to target. Its a sitting duck for SAM's! Also noted the attack altitude profile doesn't work. Low/Med/hig
  11. Thanks guys. I know the scenery removal command doesn't always remove scenery. The big dam in the Caucuses is obviously a non removable object. When we get the Lancaster and the bouncing bomb, maybe ED will make a destroyable dam for us? How do I know they are making a Lancaster? Well I don't but it's worth s mention in case any Devs are reading this! Best regards.
  12. Is there anything that will take down a dam in DCS? I've tried bombs with the "scenery removal" command in the editor, but nothing scratches it? Thanks.
  13. Anyone noticed there is a text "mask" in the middle of the HUD. When the mode is displayed, eg CCIP NAV etc, there is a rectangular mask around the letters that obscures any other symbology, eg. the Velocity Vector? Can it be got rid of?
  14. Here's a track file Have a laugh! Oops sorry its 17 Mb. I don't know how to cut it down to 5Mb?
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