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  1. Since I no longer am affiliated with the 99th virtual squadron, how do I change my log-in name to just "Flyby"? Most know me here that way any-who. thanks! Flyby out
  2. Somehow I think it will be adequate, but Black Shark is cpu-intensive. Be sure to search out the affinity trick so you can use one core for the sim and the others to run the Windows background stuff. I'm planning to build a system based on that processor. FLyby out ps you're not just showing off are ya? ;)
  3. now THAT was funny!! :D Flyby out
  4. good stuff to know Thanks, Gary. That might save me a few bucks I can then divert elsewhere in the system. ;) Flyby out
  5. bubbles are such fragile things. I don't intend installs on several PC, but if one blows up am I forced to buy another OEM? If yes, then the retail version is for me. Things have been known to blow up in my house. Flyby out
  6. Interesting. Maybe someone with a Win7 OEM build can clarify. Flyby out
  7. yes, OEM is less expensive. it's limited to only one computer,and that might be a problem for me. I've blown up a couple of PCs and have been able to re-use a retail Windows version in the next rebuild. can't do that with an OEM version. Can I? Flyby out
  8. thanks for that, Cat. My rig is going to be merely a gaming rig initially, and perhaps a backup to the wife's computer (which I've been allowed to use ;) ) Flyby out
  9. OK. good enough for me. thanks for the replies, guys. I feel better now. one day I'll actually complete my (phantom) system. :D Flyby out.
  10. I'm trying to sort out which version of Win7 to buy. I have a few sims that run on Win-XP (LOMAC/FC, IL2_1946). But I see that Win7 Home Premium does not have the Win-XP mode (see here: http://techreport.com/articles.x/18042/12 ) What version are you guys running? Also, any issues with just buying the OEM version, besides paying a license fee to transfer it to another machine? thanks all, Flyby out PS how about each of you giving me a rep for asking such penetrating questions? :megalol:
  11. I saw this article and thought I'd pass it on. I hope none here using Win7 are effected. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1590085/windows-kills-batteries Flyby out. btw this appears to be for notebooks, in case I wasn't clear earlier: http://www.internetnews.com/hardware/article.php/3861846/Microsoft%20Addresses%20Windows%207%20Battery%20Drain.htm
  12. of course I was just kidding, but you knew that. right?;) we are all familiar with DCS's credo about not modeling aircraft they don't have really good technical info on.
  13. yeah bit the video shows the first flight of this plane. It was such a big event that an article about it showed up in my local paper this morning! How quiet do you want it to be?:D It's certainly a nice looking plane. I wonder how long before DCS models this plane or even the Raptor or the F35? Two years, maybe?:smartass: Anyway I wanted to be sure people had a chance to see the plane fly, and not just look at static build-ups. This is Flyby. out.
  14. Russian stealth fighter flies? You guys seen this? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8486812.stm Flyby out
  15. emenance, you remind me that A good friend found out that he needs to check the specs of any GPU carefully. Some years ago I sold him an ATi 9500 Pro. He somehow figured he'd be better off with a slight upgrade, and bought an ATi 9550. He wound up with a lesser-performing GPU that had a higher model number. Not really the same as you speak of, but very close. So buyer beware, and all that. CyBerkut, the 5850 is a viable option for me. In fact I was leaning that way, but if the budget will allow it I want to step up a bit further. Heck I was wanting a GTX275 or 285, and the 5850 seems to out-perform them. But the 5870 looms in front, and makes me think I'm future-proofing (if only a little bit). Now two 5850s would be killer, but multi-GPUs seem to scale per individual sim. That's a problem for me, and Hydra has yet to prove itself in independent testing. So a powerful single GPU that's the best my money can buy. That may be a 5770.:music_whistling: I think we really need to be as well informed as possible when selecting a GPU. For me the question is: how much card do I need for a combat flight sim, especially one that uses tons of CPU-cycles like AI, radars, FM, DM, weapons performance, and anything else including a guy holding a stinger? If overclocking a CPU gives a 5-fps bump in a combat sim that's relevant stuff. I'm also thinking of the complex clouds in SoW. So maybe I want a card that will deliver DX11 goodness at decent frame rates, and a cpu that can keep up with all the missiles in the air plus lock up the first 6 bandits as well as keep my AI wingman from flying in to a mountain. phew! I'm confused again. Flyby out
  16. hey CyBerkut, I'm only running one screen. With a bit of luck a 28 inch model, but I'm not into the 30 inch models, at least not the 25xx resolution. Yeah, one screen for me. I guess that puts me in the same boat as (the) Buzzman: the 5870 is looking very good. What will Nvidia come out with that's comparable in performance and price? From the article you linked, it looks as if I'm being shoved back into the waiting arms of ATi, anyway. Only problem is with AMD/ATi raising the price of 58XX series because they have superior product on the shelves now versus new silicone from the Green Goblin. So maybe the 5850? It's a pretty much a match for the GTX-285. Flyby out PS I'm hoping the newer sims like RoF, and especially SoW will be primarily CPU-limited as all good little flight sims are. But didn't I read somewhere that Sow will support DX11? Now that should look sweet! :D
  17. that's good feedback on the 5770 card, guys. My focus in almost purely on how a card will perform in modern flight sims, since I'm hoping to render decent performance in Storm of War. Some times I check out the Rise of Flight forums to see if I can learn something about new card performance from those guys. I'm still saving pennies so I'll see how far I can go when the time comes to buy a GPU. I'm still trying to see what Nvidia is up to with it's new GPUs as well, but all quiet on that front so far. Anyway, keep the info flying forth about BS and any other flight sim using the 5770. Can't have enough info. ya know? ;) Flyby out
  18. the article is a good read. I notice that conclusion indicated the 5970 is overkill unless used with multiple monitors. Certainly it is a monster even at 2560 rez. But I think most gamers will do well with the 5870 (or Nvidia's unknown reply to it) on a single monitor at a more common 1900x resolution. I fall in that category, so I agree that a single GPU is the better route to take. ;) Flyby out
  19. damn this waiting!!! well sweinhart I'm waiting forthe availability of the 5870 to improve, as well as the Nvidia release. I figure if the latter comes out soon enough and regains by a significant margin the performance title for a single GPU, AMD will respond by lowering the price of the 5870. I can be patient because my recession is in slow recovery. ;) One thing that muddies the water is the Hydra factor. Who knows if further testing will reveal it to be the "next coming" for PC gamers? Then at what price? Will it make an SLi or X-fire configuration seem more palatable? Will it make them obsolete? I'm not a fan of either method, preferring a single GPU, but if I'm trying to build a **temporarily** future-proof gaming rig I have to consider two GPUs (don't I?). Oleg's SoW_BoB fills me with dread for specs, but it's been in development for so long that it has to have fallen into the grasp of modern PC tech by now. Hasn't it?:huh: Who has the crystal ball for rendering future sims?:helpsmilie: Flyby out
  20. well blow me down! Conuk I feel your pain with RoF, and your anticipation of better things to come. ;) Of course I look forward to reading about the performance of RoF on your new system, with the new card. Sinelnic, thanks for the info on FSX. I was not aware of how improved the sim was. Do you think the SSD might help a sim like IL2 when it comes to flying over Berlin ( I read that doing so causes stutters)? Flyby out
  21. it's a big boat, I think Conuk. I'm certainly looking towards a DX11 card. One day the 5870 will be more widely available, I hope. Meanwhile Nvidia seems to be keeping things quiet, but I'll assume a DX11 card from them is in the plans as well. Little doubt Nvidia will aim to dislodge the 5870 as the big boy on the single-GPU block. Such a card is liable to cost what's left in the mint. If it conclusively beats the ATi card that may mean a price drop for the 5870 which will make it an even more desirable solution. As for FSX on an SSD, I'm not sure that will make up for the sim only running on 1 core. Then again I don't know much about such things. Good luck with it and be sure to let us all know if you conquer that. Flyby out PS the 5850 seems a good option too as the link points out. Just seems to depend on the game versus Nvidia's current best single GPUs. May be a killer card in Xfire too. ;) What mobo are you using?
  22. sounds good to me, Wolfenstein. ;) I trust some of those older games will gain your favor one day, and that you'll go through the absolute living hell required to get them running on Wini7. :D Flyby out btw, thanks for posting your results. good to see DCS:BS doing well on your ri.g
  23. I was looking about and came across another test of the ATi 5850. I'd read about the card before, but this test caused me to pause. Obviously some PC games perform better with ATi over Nvidia, and vice versa. My gaming interest is rather narrow. I only mess around with flight sims, and then predominantly with combat flight sims. But that does not make selecting a new video card any easier, imo. The 5850 seems to out perform the GTX285, and the 275 in some games, but falls behind in others. I guess the thing to do is to wait until new sims come out, and are tested the current crop of GPUs. I think Oleg said SoW will make use of DX-11. Thoughts, anyone? Here's the link to the test: http://ixbtlabs.com/articles3/video/cypress-3-p1.html Flyby out
  24. last hopes, what problems are the M-audio and Resolume? I don't know these? theMoose, rgrt! nice going. Flyby out
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