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  1. hi Mik, Yeah I've heard of the butt kicker. But I'm not leaning in that direction. Since my last post I've been scouring the web trying to find that magic and mythical pc speaker system. After reading many reviews and pages of specs, I am left a bit frustrated. I need a breather, so I am quitting this quest (until I can rob a few banks, and build up a cash reserve). Eventually something will come up. New stuff comes out all the time, and it won't be an audiophile speaker system affordable by a narrowly select few. Power to the people! Flyby out
  2. check this youtube video link out. It starts at 10hz. The subwoofer of the Z560 is faintly heard at 20 hz, makes more noise, but not clear at 30hz, but really rumbles the room at 40hz: At what hz level did your sub respond? This Google search points out many times that humans can hear at a range between 20hz~20,000 hz. Even old farts can hear from 30hz. So a sub that specs at above 30hz must be for old people who've lost hearing, or for bean counters who strangle technology for the masses. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=what+hertz+range+can+humans+hear%3F
  3. you said it! Ever hear of the Dynaudio MX-15? 1300 smackers!! It was suggested to me at an audiophile site. Don't worry. Market forces will apply themselves to my search. But hz and khz is what you hear. I want to hear all I can of what's in my music (well, the stuff I like to listen to). I hear more music on my i-pod than I do on these old Logitech Z560 speakers. That's a shame. Flyby out
  4. Zeljava, sobek already corrected me on MHZ. I mis-remembered it. The correct term is Hz, or Khz. Those Z5500s have a "high" low end of 33hz. A low end hz in the mid 20s is what I'm hoping to find and afford. While the Z is fine for gaming, I think acoustic jazz deserves better. My i-pod ear buds reproduce sound at lower lows than the Z5500. I've even read of some floor speakers that produce down to 10hz, though no one I know can hear that level. The I guess I just think the lower the hz the better or cleaner everything above it on the low end will be. go here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtx_DBmwgJw&feature=related if you turn your bass to minimum and it still distorts at mid-volume, it might not be reproducing at lower than 33hz. Try several of these tests. Or do a new search for "sub-woofer test". I played these through an old Logitech Z560, also at 33hx for a low, and the subwoofer distorts at higher volume. When new this set was the "bees knees"(?)
  5. Well I didn't make it to 60 by being dumb. Stupid, maybe, but not dumb. That's still sage advise sobek. ;) thanks Flyby out
  6. Well I figure I'll have to edumacate myself in these arcane matters. Meanwhile, a few links to sooth my savage soul http://reviews.cnet.com/best-pc-speakers/ http://www.build-gaming-computers.com/best-computer-speakers.html http://www.computeraudiophile.com/ I ought to be able to learn something. Flyby out
  7. dammit sobek! I asked for gentleness! :P Seems as if I may have to think about how much to pay. But I won't know for sure until I know what's available with lower hertz reproduction. Maybe I need to scope out an audiophile site? I'l search, but I'm open to more suggestions from here. I figure some guys are gaming with hi-fidelity audiophile-type speakers too. I may have to face an economic reality when I find what I want (but can't afford). Flyby out
  8. Hi Viper, Actually I had thought of the Z5500s, since I already have the older Z560 (but the wife commandeered them for her PC when my old gaming rig blew up). But I'm looking for something that might not have the mighty power, but has a cleaner bass. The Z is rated at 33 MHz on the low end. Even your standard home stereo speakers are hitting 16Mhz or lower. So I'm wondering who makes PC speakers that hit that low spec or lower. I think the Z5500 is plan-B. thanks for the suggestion and the link! Flyby out
  9. Hi all, I'm in need of new PC speakers. The thing is this: I've been spoiled by the sounds I hear from my Sony earbuds and my I-pod. Specifically, the lows on those things are killer. I'm talking a low-end frequency response of 6mhz ( I think that's right). That means I hear stuff clearly on the low end that my old stereo speakers at 16mhz can't match. As a fan of jazz, I'm enjoying hearing the low-end twangs pf the upright bass. I've been searching, but so far I have not found a set of PC speakers that have specs for such a low frequency. I know humans can't hear things that low, but most people can't hear above 19000mhz at the high end either. But having a spec so low means that low rumbles and such come in much clearer,and less "muddied". Does that make sense? I'm sure someone will set me straight, but be gentle about it. It's been a while. Flyby out
  10. what did I miss? :joystick: Flyby out
  11. you guys seen this: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3024451.html#Post3024451 and this press release: http://www.simhq.com/_air/PDF/RoF_ICE_announcement.pdf I'll buy this sim now. It seems a bargain. Flyby out
  12. Hi , Just wondering if any sim fans have bought the new Nv GTX-470 GPU yet. If anyone has, please offer up a sim fan's review. thanks! Flyby out
  13. Thanks to all respondents. Very interesting stuff. You guys obviously get into this pretty deeply. I like the idea of "there must be more". Extra dimensions. More Universes. They may be unproven, but the imagination has driven the human race from the trees to the Moon. All things are possible, if imaginable, somewhere, some place. So I'll continue to "pine" after the what-ifs. S~! Flyby out
  14. Pine? That's one way to put it, I guess.:noexpression: But I've seen tv shows discussing parallel Universes, and extra dimensions. I suppose it was something for Copernicus to pine for support for his idea that the Earth revolved around the Sun.:P Flyby out
  15. Maybe we need to contemplate the nature of Nothing. Perhaps it is a misnomer in and of itself? It's interesting to read from a different view point: "Nothing on the outside is necessary (at all)" my parenthesis added. So Nothing is a necessity.Therefore, Nothing must exist in order for Something to expand into it. How can I concede nothing if nothing exists to concede? Wrap your brain around that, my friend. ;) Flyby out
  16. Thanks for the perspectives, guys. Quite useful. But I'm having trouble discarding the idea of nothing being outside the balloon. I'm not having too much success embracing the idea that the Universe is expanding into nothing-ness. My understanding of the laws of physics (at the idiot level) tell me stuff occupies or displaces space and volume. This implies there is space and volume to be occupied, to my way of seeing it. Conceding the Big Bang as a misnomer is easy enough. But if the expanding Universe is creating "terrain" it still has to grow (into somewhere) beyond it's boundaries. Doesn't it? I am not a traditionally religious person. I do follow the tenants of the Kybalion; as I find it to be a most objective and dispassionate view of "God". It's easy to think along those terms and see the Universe as mental. But scientifically, it won't float a lot of boats. Still, thanks for the feedback. Flyby out btw, I think that "something" before the Big Bang is important. An airfoil cannot function in a vacuum. A fart cannot warm the trousers if there are no trousers to try and confine it. There has to be something to interact with/against to facilitate a change. :D
  17. I know there are some sharp knives in the old DCS drawer. Maybe some of you can explain something to me. No Frivolity unless I start it first. OK? Here goes. For some time I've been a bit fascinated by programs that talk about the origins of the Universe. The most popular theory seems to be the "Primal Atom. Then there are those who subscribe to the "String Theory", which seems to have led to the idea of parallel universes, and extra dimensions. I can follow along to an extent, but I always seem to get tripped up by one little issue that I seem to miss. If I go with the Big Bang (the explosion of the Primal Atom), or if I saddle up to the idea of parallel universes or extra dimensions, that one little trip wire gets me every time. Here it is: What encompasses the Universe or parallel Universes, or multiple dimensions? What was the medium in which the Primal Atom was suspended, and after the Big Bang, the Universe expanded (is expanding?)into? How can something exist in nothing. I'm not talking Dark Matter here, but pre-Big Bang. If I imagine that primal atom before it explodes, where is it? OK. Time for a snack. Flyby out
  18. what about the Emperor's cooler balls? :D
  19. Mikelsa, you are swimming upstream on this issue. Let the market forces work for you. If your dire warnings are correct then no one will ever buy a game or sim with such a security arrangement. On the other hand, one may hope a best worst-case scenario would be for a failing company to release a final patch that removes such a drm. I, then, suppose it's good to be optimistic. In the case of DCS, for example, I believe this company has a sim'er's soul, and would do the right thing to preserve its most favorable reputation in the gaming afterlife. The Emperor may have no clothes, but at least his balls are nice and cool. ;) Flyby out (yoiks!! 900 posts!)
  20. So I will save myself a few $$! :D Wait for Win8, then upgrade to the newer specs. Flyby out
  21. thanks for the feedback Feuerfalke, No sense in buying the latest mobo if there is no OS to support it, though I've read that USB3.0 and SATA 3.0 are backwards compatible to the current 2.0. Still, I see from the review of the motherboard that there is no speed benefit for gaming with the new mobo. That's the bottom line for me. I also noticed that the OS used in the test was Win-Vista64. Flyby out
  22. I've read about the availability of USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 on new motherboards. They are supposed to offer more bandwidth than their earlier counterparts. Does anyone have any idea or opinion as to whether or not this new tech is currently worthwhile to purchase for gaming considerations? Here's a link to a review of a new mobo with the new specs: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/gigabyte_ga_x58a_ud3r/7.htm Honestly I'm not sure what to make of it. Flyby out
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