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  1. Matt stated in a recent interview that the next plane would be a popular American fixed wing aircraft. I wonder what is the most popular American fixed wing aircraft. I assume he meant popular American fixed wing military aircraft. I don't recall his exact quote. I'm guessing it's the F16. It'd be great if it were the Hornet, but I wonder if multi-player ops might be hindered by the complexity of carrier ops? I guess land-based Marine Aviation would fit the bill for the Hornet, but barring that, I think it's the Falcon. Oh, it could be the Strike Eagle,but I guess the operative word "popular" might exclude that plane, plus it's a two-seater. Is DCS ready to implement two-seaters? Flyby out
  2. thanks egorter, So I'd be able to enhance gaming performance if I bought an SATA 3 hdd? And maybe two 16x PCI-E slots for video card gaming in either SLi or Xfire? thanks, Flyby out
  3. Hi gang, I'm trying to select a motherboard (X58 chipset). Of course there are many offerings, and luckily several in my budget range. But reading all the different test criteria (see the link for an example of what I'm speaking of), I realize I have no idea which of those tests best relate to our combat flight sims. For instance is the test for 3Dmark06/vantage the best representation for gauging performance in complex flight sims like Black Shark and A10? If not, then which of those mentioned is the hot ticket for motherboards and our style of gaming? Oh, the link: http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/motherboards/2080_6.html Yeah, I know another question from "him".:lol: Flyby out
  4. that was my first thought. ;) Flyby out
  5. you misunderstand me.ED and any other business will produce what they think the market will bear. Simple Capitalism. Flyby way out
  6. +1 for the Tornado or Harrier. Give us something different, please. I really do like American hardware, but change can be good. I know. The market dictates. Right? :( Flyby out Flyby way out
  7. Good morning world, Sikorski is developing and trying to market a fast recuse helicopter. Thought I's share this little find I saw over at SimHq: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/government/sikorsky-flight-tests-a-fast-very-very-very-fast-new-helicopter/9290 Flyby out
  8. Hmmm, maybe DCS could more rapidly produce the Su30MkI? http://www.air-attack.com/images/single/793/Indian-SU-30-MKI-makes-debut-at-Red-Flag-08-04-3.html A flight of these on a deep strike may do some damage within a persistent online campaign. WHo knows? Maybe DCS did a training model already and is just waiting on that graphic engine update. I used to fly Digital Integration's Tornado back in the day. Wonderful mission builder, and a great manual too. I still have the Desert Storm disc somewhere around here. But even then the sensation of speed down low was well done. As in Janes F15E, one could jump from front seat to back seat. It was offline work for sure, but it was awesome! Flyby out
  9. I think either plane would be a great addition, but I'm concerned that you might be right about a strike fighter not being commercially interesting (Not withstanding that some people still play Janes F15E Strike Eagle) This video was just made this past May: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3017314/Jane_s_F15_tribute_video.html#Post3017314 Maybe we won't see a dedicated strike fighter until DCS develops a new graphics engine, provided the marketers see a money-making demand for it. Flyby out
  10. Hey Joey, What strike fighter would you most like to see in DCS-World? Which strike fighter do you think will have the best chance to be added to the series? Flyby out
  11. One can only hope DCS adds a strike fighter. We'll just have to wait and see. Flyby out
  12. If DCS stays firm to it's methodology for introducing aircraft simulations based on those it has been contracted to produce training modules for, I wonder how soon before it runs out of aircraft to present to us sim fliers? There are a host of things I don't know about DCS's plans and many more things I don't know I don't know about them, but either it has plenty of aircraft under contract to produce training modules for, or it has very few. If it's the latter, we may not see more aircraft for simulation for quite some time. :( Flyby out
  13. I guess I'm through with this topic if a strike fighter is not a worthy subject for DCS to consider (though I wonder who knows what DCS is really thinking). I mentioned the Jag because it's an older bird, but clearly if DCS sin't doing training modules for it then it has no chance. I get it. But I have to say I think it would expand the world of combat simulations if a new strike fighter sim were added. Maybe someone will revive Janes F/A 18 and modernize it? That sim is still popular. But I was thinking along a land-based strike fighter. Oh well, might as well go twiddle my thumbs while I wait. Flyby out
  14. Crazyeddie that's a real pity. All the more reason for DCS to resurrect this fine strike aircraft and give it the place in sim history it deserves, imo. Plus, as I said earlier here, it may be easily do-able (at least if the necessary technical information is available to them). I wonder what technical info DCS does have available to it for simulating a NATO strike plane? Flyby out
  15. Joey, I get that the Jaguar was/is a strike fighter. My point is DCS may have a better shot at introducing this plane, or similar legacy single-seat strike aircraft of the same period. I don't really know if the manuals are available, and that must be taken into account per DCS's modus operandi. I don't think DCS is ready to spring the Tornado on an unsuspecting virtual world. It still has to solve the riddle of dual cockpits, and my guess is it would produce the Apache Longowbow before it took on the Tornado. I doubt DCS would try the Hornet any sooner, as it has complex systems that DCS may not have access to. I guess it comes down to what strike fighter does DCS have a shot at adding, and as you allude to, will DCS's main markets support that decision. I would hope yes, but who knows? I hope I am not alone in wanting to fly low level strike missions in some different iron. I say give us the Jagwaar!! ;) Flyby out
  16. I think the Jag is do-able (but of course I can't know this for sure), and that it may be a matter of deciding which way DCS wants to go with it's sim. I can't know that either, but looking at the Ka50 gunship and the A10 CAS fighter makes me wonder if a deep strike plane will ever be in the mix any time relatively soon (like before I turn 70 in 9.5 years). Flyby out
  17. I thought as much. ;) But I am known to give in to my impetuous nature from time to time. :) Flyby out
  18. Your art reminds me of those artists who paint racing scenes and capture the essence of that sport. In this way you have done the same thing with your aircraft art. I am now officially a fan of your work! Flyby out
  19. rgrt, FF. I've always thought military aircraft were more artistically appealing to my eyes than civilian aircraft, but just by a small bit though . Flyby out
  20. There he goes again!!:lol: Flyby out
  21. Jaguar? I have no doubt the Jaguar has been brought up many times before, but I (still) think it would be a nice addition to the DCS/LOCKON world. The time period is right, and it may be an easier low-level attack fighter to add versus the Tornado (though like many, I pine to see the Tornado back in action as a flyable). The Jaguar (Jag-waar, or Jag-U-ar, depending on your geographic upbringing ;) ) could be an excellent "counter-balance" to the flying tank. DCS, just see your faithful minions flying high speed attacks on the deck, canyon-running through hostile environs. Intoxicating! Someone start a poll to gage interest in the Jaguar!:D Flyby out
  22. Oh man that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You must be very proud, but now you've whetted our appetites for more or your work!! :D Flyby out
  23. I found this page about fighter planes as art. It has a 9 minute video which I enjoyed, so I thought I'd share: http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/duveenscommissionseries/fionabanner2010/default.shtm Flyby out
  24. something bigger? How about a world war III scenario. Have a blue side and a red side fight for strategic and tactical advantage in key parts of the world. Make it a virtual perpetual online sim only with a dynamic campaign that assigns pilots to a theater for a tour of ops. He/She can transfer to another AO after completing x number of missions in-theater (in the role of a TDY pilot) or join a squadron and complete a combat tour with the unit. Then follow that unit for another tour, maybe in another theater. I think this idea can be expanded on by DCS by making use of it's Battle Simulator series to provide the control over the dynamic campaign and control of AI units in mission-building. Who knows? It could happen. Imagine DCS running the server on a sustained world war. It even goes on in theaters where there isn't any humans flying at the moment. It would be HUGE! Flyby out
  25. Yeah, I'm facing the dreadful truth that my wallet can't match my ambitions. So it's either the z5500 for 5.1 and take the hit for music fidelity, or something like the Audioengine A2 2.1 for music and take the 5.1 hit?? thanks for the link, Walker. Flyby out (but wait!) hmmm... read some excellent reviews of the Adioengine A2 speakers, specifically one that spoke of how the mid range and the bass sounded when the reviewer played some of his jazz collection. The price is right, mostly. THD is excellent. Now I wonder what this system would be like with a proper subwoofer tied in? heres the link ( a jazz lover's review): http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/1207ae/
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