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  1. Can someone tell me what those little pink blocks below my name mean? A pink reputation?!:eek: Flyby out
  2. there is hope! S! Highwayman, At least you're thinking about missions. Shelved mission can be reborn, so don't toss them. Build on them when the new ME is out. I'll look forward to your efforts, and hope to see you online.;) Flyby out
  3. time has warped for me I was 30 a year ago. Now I'm 57. :P When I first heard of ED viagra hadn't been released so imagine my dismay to learn it was about flight sims! LOL!!! :lol: I recall someone telling me that youth was wated on the young. As a young man, I thought he was off his rocker!:music_whistling: I've been married for nearly 33 years, and what I know about relationships boils down to two words: "yes, dear!":megalol: akkk! her she comes! gotta go! Flyby out ps it's still tough wating on Black Shark though.
  4. With the Black Shark being the only flyable in the initial release, I hope the mission builders among us (i'll try to build a few too) are thinking of some interesting situations/missions for us. Personally, there's nothing like a desperate situation to make one feel more alive after surviving a tough mission. Given the one-flyable situation, I hope the opfor AI will be Hell-on-wide-wheels to deal with. I hope opfor manpad teams are placable in the misison builder, but I wouldn't sprinkle them about like rain drops. Also nothing like a few surprises for my side while flying to the feba. And can we place farps along inbound and outbound waypoints? A long flight might be boring, but running out of fuel might increase the pucker factor if the weather is bad, and the Black Shark is heavy with ordinance. Oh, how is the weather to be implemented? Will rain defeat a laser lock? My point is tough missions may be a requirement for online play to extend the interest in BS until add-on a/c are made available. Not to mention offline play too. So the tougher we can make them, the better, imho. Flyby out
  5. pilot tactics will win the day Once aware of a possible encounter, I think the winner is the pilot who plays to the weakness of the opponent, and to it's own strengths. If my opponent has sensors that can detect at longer range, certainly I would try to negate that advantage by masking, if possible. (Flat terrain might be a problem for me there). So, what else to consider, people? * How to defeat a more agile helicopter foe? * How to defeat a foe with fire-and-forget weapons? But ya know what? I'm really more interested in how to survive in Black Shark when I'm flying in the FEBA where most of the threats I'll face are from the ground. Flyby out
  6. Zaelu! Got a link to Oleg's new forum site? thanks, Flyby
  7. welcome to us all! Nice to see some of the usual suspects showing up! :D Also greetings to Zealu of the Mighty D-13th. That's one of the tightest online virtual fighter squadrons of IL2. ;) Gotta watch your 6 when thy're in the air. Anyway, the more the merrier!:P Good to see some of the ED testers (you guys ROCK!) here too (AirTito, and GA). I hope our presence here is a good omen for the success of Black Shark, and ED's future add-ons. Welcome to us all!! Flyby out
  8. hello all When I was 5 my parents moved, but I found them again! :D LOL!! Just checking in. Imagine online multiplayer with two people sharing a cockpit ala the Apache. Then maybe the Tornado, or the Su-34 (isn't that the two-seater ground attack version of the Su-33?) Flyby out
  9. Here I am! :D I thought I'd have to register here as a newbie, but apparently not. Glad to be here. Looking forward to the new direction DCS is taking us. Flyby out
  10. you and a thousand others! Including me! LOL!!! Flyby out
  11. Hmmm...With support for a two-place cockpit online, can a Tornado add-on be far behind? The thought makes me :D Flyby out
  12. Hey gang, check out this http://www.simhq.com/_air10/air_325a.html Flyby out
  13. hey you guys! check this out: http://www.simhq.com/_air10/air_325a.html Flyby out
  14. more modern stuff? such as...? It would be fun to know. Fun, unless it doesn't involve the flight sim community (not for the militaries of the world, that is). Flyby
  15. Hey A, I agee that Oleg might do the Karean air war also. But I wonder if Eagle might not at least entertain the idea. Personally, I prefer the terrain in LOCKON, especially the implementation of hills, and mountains (and the terrain colors). Thin opinions, I know. Hey I like the way turbulence is done in LOCKON too. So I dream a little. Flyby out
  16. thre's more But wait! The site also shows an October release date for SoW-BoB too. Can it be? :D Flyby out
  17. Not since Rowan's MiG Alley has there been a really decent depiction of that air war. I guess I'm a bit nostalgic for that sim, but with modern updates to FMs, terrain, etc. Maybe ED could put it on the list? I'd like to fly the MiG-15 against the F86E or F models. Might be fun boomin-n-zoomin from 45,000ft. :D Flyby out (Flame retardent suit is on)
  18. About mobile troops, I wonder if it might be a cpu hit ala IL2. In that sim I once created an online coop mission where the Allied objective was to intercept two flights of Ju-52 troop transports before they could reach the drop zone. Well, the interception failed (largely), and when the troops jumped it created a slide show with so many paratroops in the air. Each troop landed then ran a short distance and dove to the ground So modelling active troops may be a huge cpu hit. I can see it now: Minimum specs to enable active ground troops: core2 duo 2.4ghz processor; recommended cpu: Penryn 2.8-overclocked to 6.5ghz with liqiiud nitrogen cooling, and 2000mhz FSB! :D Flyby out
  19. I too hope the AI Black Shark helos show a bit of improvement, if only to get away from that follow-the-leader-to-perfection FM that really detracts from the game, imho. It's not a big issue for me. It just looks a bit odd. I won't condemn BS if that little bit isn't corrected. I'm still anxious to get my little grubbies on it. ;) Flyby out
  20. what about airstart missions? already airborne and on the way to do damage? lite missions. that's the ticket! :D But I do intend to learn the correct startup procedure. I guess someone will have an online coop where that's gonna take place. I can see some noob like me being left behind while I try to figure out where the fram-a-jam button is. I show up late for the party, and wind up being the only survivor, then no one wants to fly with me. Maybe I better leave BS alone! NOT!!!!! Flyby out
  21. thanks AirTito, you said a mouthful with that explanation! It certainly sounds like an impressive system. programming it looks a bit cmplicated too. Practice, practice, practice, eh? Flyby out
  22. what's a rotorhead to do? I can see where the manual is going to be a very close friend of mine for quite some time. I'm a rotorhead in spirit mainly these days, having never conquered Longbow2 to my satisfaction. But if I can learn the ABRIS (what's that stand for again?) I know Black Shark won't sit on the shelf.;) Anyone think the Black Shark will ever develope a radar dome similar to the Apache Lonbow version? I mean there's a bit of advantage, imho, to revealing as little of the aircraft as possible while scanning for targets. I think that would mean a whole new weapons suite ala fire-and-forget, but the idea of sitting there exposed for the whole world to see is a bit daunting. Of course I'm just blowing smoke here. Maybe it does not take long to unmask, lock on a target, fire, hold target lock until impact then duck for cover? anyone care to give that idea a spin? don't hate! Flyby out ps hovering there waiting for impact does seem to have an appealing pucker factor though!:lol:
  23. rgrt! thanks Britgliderpilot, nothing like increasing the pilot work load, eh? That is, unless I misunderstand. Flyby out
  24. OOH! OOH! I got a question, having watched that BS video where an onboard mission map is receiving waypoints prior to takeoff. I wonder if, with an attacking flight of four Black Sharks, each has to input that same info, or is there a data link where the final flight plan can be shared? How does that work online if someone plans a mission, and waypoints for a flight of four (say he gets shot down)? Hey ViperVJG73, that's quite a system you have there. What power supply does that baby have? Flyby out
  25. OT: Hey overclockers beware of water-cooling. When I first heard about it, I thought I'd give it a spin. So I opened up the case, and tossed a glass of water on the cpu, and...Oh wait. No! I can''t wait! I can't wait!!! I can't wait for BS either!! :D Flyby out
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