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  1. Yeah, I'm fishing for info, and shamelessly at that. I'll have a narrow window of cooperation in which to upgrade to a more powerful system, and any help from any ED personnel or combat simulation-type person would be nice. Think in terms of smooth running during heavy cpu cycles. Dual core, or quad core? Wait for the middle lineup of the Penryn series? X38 chipset? ED testros sing out too thanks in advance, Flyby (the lucky guy)
  2. egads EvilBivol! So limited night strikes? I guess it will still be one heck of a combat sim. Flyby
  3. rgrt Britgliderpilot. Good points, and well said. Will the any of the countries you mentioned be in the sim? Flyby
  4. A6, Baby! Get the Intruder in there. Add an aircraft carrier, and some mid-air refueling, and this little all weather bomber will be a blast to fly. Also, isn't the Jag going out of service as well? Flyby
  5. "low intensity conflict scenarios"? hey Tharos that'a some commentary on the Ka50 to relegate it to low intensity conflicts. :( It's as if this gunship will be fighting in backwater conflicts while the Mi 28 goes up against the serious big league opposition. I wonder; are the weapons and avionics really so outdated on the Black Shark? Does that mean that the ground-based equipment the BS will encounter in the sim is second rate? I don't really want to believe that's what you're saying. Please clarify. thanks, Flyby out
  6. I guess force feedback guys will be in heaven. ;) Flyby
  7. thanks Wags, Thanks Wags! Now I'll be buying a widescreen lcd as part of my new system when the time comes. Looks as if others had the same thought as I did in asking. Great minds think alike!:megalol: Flyby out
  8. hey guys, I did a search of this forum (only), and got no hits about support for a wide screen lcd monitor. So I'm asking if BS will support wide screen format (16:9). Just want to know. thanks, Flyby out
  9. Brad!!!! Man, I can't wait for you to get your hands on Black Shark so you can give us your review of the flight model. I'm not expecting you to do a side-by-side comaprison between the BS and the Apache. I'd just like your opinion of how the model feels. I'm only asking you because I don't kow if there's another helicopter pilot on these forums to ask. no offense of I missed anyone. Flyby
  10. Great Stuff!!!! I have nothing of import to add to this thread except to say I look forward to more interesting discussions with in this forum. You guys are top shelf! :D Hey Brad, I too appreciate your input. As someone who's living/learning it, you add a perspective that's extremely valuable to us simmers. As for the rest of you guys, I feel like an extreme noob compared to what you're bringing to the party. Nice going, and keep up the good work! :) It's much appreciated too. Flyby
  11. regards back atcha Sorry if you misunderstood, but I was simply stating that Longbow2 has a following over at SimHq, and that it's still being flown. I'm not saying or implying in any way that DCS is or should be trying to duplicate that effort. to qoute mysellf: "While the A is a compliment to the Black Shark simulation-wise it still has the advantage of being a two-seater, and so divides the work load, and increases the overall SA, imho." :smilewink: Flyby
  12. S~Brad Welcome to our merry little band. I trust you'll be careful in learning the D so that you can continue to visit these forums from time to time. While the A is a compliment to the Black Shark simulation-wise it still has the advantage of being a two-seater, and so divides the work load, and increases the overall SA, imho. Still, Electronic Arts, along with Janes did the excellent Longbow sim. I have no idea how close in fidelity that sim was to the real systems of the D, but it must have been good enough since the sim has earned much respect, and is still being played today. SimHq has an ongoing forum for Longbow2.
  13. so there it is then, When speaking of sead strikes, I did not imply the inclusion of manpads. As said, they are hard to detect, and probably more so by fast movers. So I guess the idea of programming the flare dispenser and employing it in the target area seems like wisdom to me. Was it confirmed that manpads will be in BS? I've lost track. :) If so, that's a nice pucker factor to have to worry over. One thing to become proficient at flying the BS, but quite another to have your hat handed to you by a manpads team (after all that training and hard work)! :D Yep! That's a nice pucker factor:joystick: Flyby
  14. please explain How can the BS countermeasures nullify, or otherwise reduce manpads pk? I have no clue as to how to go about this. Can a flight plan minimize manpads encounters? Flyby
  15. hey EagleEye... I've been assured by one of those in the know that we'll be shot up enough, no matter what we do, and that hiding amongst trees in a radar environment wouldn't gain us a thing, because of the rotors being nice radar reflectors. My guess is what trees there will be won't be worth hiding behind because they won't be of adequate density to prevent LOS targeting. That is unless there are forests with nice little clearings in them, but I haven't heard or seen any evidence of that yet. So, best to stay at maximum range and take out what anti-air assests that remain after the SEAD boys are done. Manpads, if modelled will be a different worry. Be nice if we could deploy snipers or other special forces to root out manpads, then call us in to do our dirty work. Maybe they could even designate targets for us? hmmmm... not bad thinking...:pilotfly: Flyby
  16. see? I told you Someone more kmowledgable than I chimed it. Thanks, Wags for the refresher.;) Maybe a few random screenies of the terrain is possible? How close to rl will the color of the terrain be? And will that change with cloud cover, and the time of day? I won't die if it doesn't. Just curious. Hey Chrono, don't forget that in Gunship! you could hide amongst trees, effectively blocking the los. Gunship! even had manpads, iirc. So while trees may not block radar detection, I'm hoping manpads will find it difficult to lock on me while I'm hovering amongst the mighty oaks. Oh btw, if animated soldiers are included, won't that be a frame rate hit? I'm thinking BS will, like LOMAC, be cpu intensive as it is. So having little vsolider victims running about might cause some stuttering? Flyby
  17. Hey Joey, I think a more approriate question is how many can the Russians afford? It was just surprising to me that so few actually exist/were made. It's not as though the Ka50 is so highly specialised as to be uniquely superior to other gunship marques, imho. Still and all, I am eager to get my hands on the sim. ;) Mugatu, nice link! We have a saying: that boy ain't right. "Didn't the Russians know it was just a movie..." You ain't right! :D Flyby
  18. great links, but Only 16 built as of 2006???!!!!!:eek: That's all? I wonder how many Ka-50s have been built since then? Yet I gotta assume that a lot of info was made available to our ED crew so that it could be simulated with such high fidelity. Flyby
  19. about the terrain... I understand there will be some terrian changes initially, mainly changes to the hills and mountains. I'm sure someone more knowledgable than I will chime in on this. Also in the future of DCS there will be a new graphics engine, updatable in BS. So maybe the terrain will get some inprovements then. Sorry for my English too, but I live in the USA so don't hold it against me! :D (I'm bilingual, but only in English!) Flyby out
  20. if Wags is interested... I'd let Wags bone my mother-inlaw for a free exclusive copy. Heck, she's only 85 and still spry! :D sshhhhhh..no laughing...wife is nearby:music_whistling: Flyby out
  21. about the new engine... If a new graphics engine will be implemented, does this mean that Black Shark's engine will be upgraded? Or, because it's a stand-alone product, the new engine will come out with new stand-alone sims, and not apply to Black Shark? If so then can we rule out the add-on scenario for Black Shark, ala LOMAC/FC? Or maybe Black Shark gets a few add-on's, but they use the same engine, and the new engine comes with a whole new stand-alone sim? It's dizzying to thing about. Flyby out
  22. I've read the faqs, and probably missed the answer, but what's with the talk about a new engine? Does this refer to the graphics engine? Also why not use the speed trees? according to the faq, the "proprietary" trees give better frame rates at medium, and high altitude, but that sounds counter-intuitive to flying a combat helo sim down low. How do these stock trees perform in BS? Lastly, I've read that the BS does not have RWR. If that's true, I wonder why BS has a chaff dispenser? I guess it's because there's a chance the BS pilot will see the missile coming? I know I'm missing something. tia, Flyby
  23. hey Joey... share some news. afaik only Storm of War is on the horizon. what other fighter sims are you aware of? thanks, Flyby
  24. see what I mean? ;) Life is good. :D Flyby out
  25. As usual... I get very interesting replies to my questions. I learn so much this way, and am very appreciative of all your feedback. Black Shark is one of two major sims, I look forward to (the other being Oleg's Storm of War/Battle of Britain). This site is great. Even Wags weighs in from time to time, and I bet he's a very busy guy.:thumbup: But I think you all are busy guys who take the time to help sort through a great up-coming sim. In your own way I suppose you help to maintain brand loyalty, and there's nothing wrong with that. Flyby:pilotfly:
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