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  1. continue my escort duties I'll continue flying my trusty Emil with my mates of ACG_/JG26 in Cliffs of Dover. Campaign missions every Sunday. Also continue playing with DCS P51. I'm hoping to one day see the Dora have to take on the might of the Allied Air Forces over the Normandy map and beyond. Plenty of Mustangs, Spit XVIs, and Tempests to keep it interesting. JG26 takes on all comers (all in the name of good clean fun, of course!:D ) Flyby out
  2. excellent work, for sure Hope we get this one as a NATO strike fighter soon. Flyby out
  3. hey HJ, does that mean it's not really a part of DCS? I guess, if it were, there would be a lot of discussion about it here (to answer my own question), given that there is no flyable NATO strike fighter represented in DCS World. I wonder what DCS is waiting on? I guess it doesn't really need the sales such an addition might bring.:music_whistling: Flyby out
  4. F15E/IRIS Flight Sim Software/DCS? I saw this video today, and the site. DCS is doing this? See links to both: http://www.irissimulations.com/home.php is thi sold news? Flyby out
  5. the old girl never looked better, but... where is this update? anyone know?
  6. I know. cry myself a river while I wait. NATO mud movers get no joy Gimme an E! Gimme an F! what's that spell?:lol: Flyby out Maybe I'm wrong?
  7. nice cards, fellas you guys ought to be drowning in FPS now. ;) Flyby out
  8. another hobby of mine I also enjoy air rifles again after about ten years away from the sport. I've been trying and buying and selling, in trying to sample what is out there. Mostly I buy used ones, but occasionally a new one here and there. Some names in my collection may sound familiar: BAM, FX, Logun, Brocock. I've formerly owned RWS, Beeman, and AA/Cz. Once I enjoyed Springers primarily, but now mostly I own precharged pneumatics, and gather with friends at a local gun club to enjoy a day of shooting and shooting the breeze. :D.
  9. Flyby


    I'm not really looking for DCS to produce a WW2 combat flight sim here. I hope I didn't confuse anyone on that point. I think it's effort is more along the lines of FSX in this regard, tbh. I only mention those planes because I know there are restored flying versions out there right now (well, maybe not the G10; but versions like the Emil and later ones). So data is not hard to find, I wouldn't think. Not only that, but now there are pilots with actual flying experience who are not in their late 80s who could critique computer flight models. Again, I'm not suggesting what DCS should do. I'm only pointing out that from where I sit (far, far away), it seems that making these planes could be done if DCS wanted to consider it. I was just thinking out loud. It would be nice. Maybe offer two for the price of one? :D Flyby out
  10. Flyby


    I was only asking. it's not all that. :chair: No soup for you! I think such planes would be very complimentary in the same air space as the 'Stang. Seems that Duxford does this all the time with it's flying legends. Given their popularity, it seemed only natural to ask after them. But it's not like I expected DCS to respond. Just expressing a desire as a question. Flyby out
  11. Flyby


    What? No plans for the Me109-G10? Well, how about the Fw 190-D?
  12. listening to you guys during the mission makes the music superfluous, imo. You guys do a great mission as a team. I got caught up in it just listening to your back-and-forth. Nicely done (don't need no stinkin music though). Flyby out
  13. thanks for that link, Cedaway. That article sinks it. I don't plan to go X-fire or SLI so no need to buy the hype. :D Flyby out
  14. hey PP thanks for the positive reinforcement.:thumbup: I think I can make an informed decision now. Much obliged. Flyby out
  15. thanks man! That ought to save me a lot of worry and a few $$ to boot!
  16. Purely from a combat-flight-sim gaming perspective, is PCIe 3 worthwhile? I haven't found a review of an Ivy Bridge CPU, so I don't really know what to think of this new spec. Anyone think it would remove a bottleneck? Or maybe just add unnecessary cost to a gaming rig I'm trying to spec out. thanks for any feedback, Flyby out
  17. Thank you all for your replies, and input. As I said, I've been away from the genre and PC gaming for 6 years. The next great thing is always around the corner, but I'm interested in getting back into the virtual air as soon as I can. Can't believe I've been away from it for so long, but RL has a way of dominating and imposing itself. Great feedback, and much appreciated Flyby out
  18. very good input, and thank you for replying. I guess I can save some money over the 680. Can I take it that the lower vram of the 570 has not been an issue for you? Are you running Black Shark, or A10 with no display issues? thanks! Flyby out
  19. HI Gang, it's been a while since I've posted here. Get this: It's been six years since I've played a PC game or flown a flight sim. Oh I've bought some combat flight sims,just to support the genre. They sit unopened on the wife's PC desk. Well now i"m getting close to getting back in the game. I think I've narrowed things down to a GPU and a CPU, but I'd like a bit of help in fleshing out the system. I think I'll go big on the GPU and get the Nvidia GTX 680 I (I recall dreaming of getting the GTX 480 at one time), and I think I can't go wrong with the I-5 2500K processor. I don't know of any benefit to combat flight sims of hyper-threading. Am I behind the times on that point? Should I think of putting the OS and my sims on an SSD. Is PCIe-3.0 of any benefit to a gaming rig? What mobo maker offers a mid-level mobo that offers simple overclocking of the CPU (but doesn't cost a new-car payment)? Can I assume that 8gigs of ram is well sufficient? Do you think my still-in-the-box new Cougar is out of date (let alone the old one I kept as a spare-parts source)? Are modern TN monitors capable of rendering ghost-free performance for flight sims these days? Think of running DCS Warthog, and IL2_COD as the standards with the goal of smooth, stutter-free performance. thank you for your patience, and imput. As I aid, it's been six years, and I'm well behind the curve. Flyby out
  20. What's in your wallet? The final point on DCS's checklist may be "Did it sell well enough to continue this line?" People will vote with their wallets, and that will decide the future of such endeavors. So, go vote!:smilewink: Flyby out
  21. cool, but not relative remember DCS lives in a world of Capitalism. It survives by making a buck. I'm no fan of this release of the Mustang into the electronic battlefield, but I understand that if it will sell, the company makes a few dollars with a product already lying on a hard drive somewhere. In my opinion, this Mustang might better served in Microsoft's FSX for all the relativity it has to why people buy DCS products. I'm sure it's a great flying model, but outside of making a buck, maybe an F86 Sabre or a MiG 15 would have been more appropriate as a Flying Legend in this arena. Flyby out
  22. Flyby

    i7-920, U.S.

    Shipped!! :D Upsy_Daisy (UPS) has it now Pyro, when I bought it I had every intention of installing it. So, I looked at it. Who wouldn't? Things change. Thanks again MackTheknight, for your business.:thumbup:
  23. Flyby

    i7-920, U.S.

    I have for sale an i7-920 with DO stepping. Opened box but otherwise new; never been installed. $190.00 shipped CONUS. Shoot me a pm is interested. thanks for looking. Flyby out SOLD!!
  24. let's not muck this up to much I can't say what list he's looking at, but I would put my money on that list being reflective of what of "popular to simmers". After all, he is talking about a product and it's main audience in the interview (us simmers). Otherwise your list could go on: Popular to Congressmen who have military factories in their districts. Popular to CPU makers who know our sims are CPU dependent. Popular to GPU makers who think simmers are suckers for eye candy. Popular with You Tube because it means more instructional videos will be uploaded. Popular with manufacturers of HOTAS systems. Popular with manufacturers of toilet paper (so explosive diarrhea no longer means one has to get up from an online COOP). You get my point. Flyby out
  25. Actually he said, and I quote: "a very popular US fixed-wing aircraft". So you're correct. He did not say "the most popular American fixed wing aircraft". Does it count that I said I don't recall his exact quote? No matter. Here's the link: http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/interviews/59338/Interview-With-DCS-A-10C-Warthog-Producer-Matt-Wagner/p2/c1/ Flyby out PS I know how it goes: "In God we trust; all others bring data" ;)
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