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  1. Mine arrived yesterday... I was expecting January 2021 so surprised in a good way
  2. Like it...this is fine with Dark Background
  3. I hardly notice it so No big deal in VR for me.
  4. When you guys get everything lined out...please post all of your settings for DCS, Steam stuff along with system specs. That would be most appreciated by those of us who wait for delivery. Thanks in advance for the heavy Lifting.
  5. Yes about 5 ft. I have a portable chair with my HOTAS mounted on it. Headset and TIR Proclip is wireless.
  6. Cool solution...but no issues here. I use a SAMSUNG 75” QLED. I just used some small sticky rubber spacers and mounted the camera on top per usual. It has been there over a year with no issues. Never have to touch it. Also use VR but sometimes I will go big screen when I need some eye candy.
  7. Specifically, open Comms Menu, select crew, select Salute for F18...and hold on.
  8. Auto or cold depends on how I feel at the time. This has nothing to do with my expertise as a Sim Pilot and does not affect my experience in any way. Whatever floats your boat!
  9. I converted my TIR to wireless 9 years ago. Still on the same rechargeable battery. http://sdsquad.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=58d22c32a53fbda54d5b7327aae810cb&topic=2403.0
  10. He was obviously being facetious. <S>
  11. Welcome to DCS! Thank you for your Service. <S>
  12. Mapping controls is not that hard to do. If are new and you just want to fly, we are talking about pitch, roll, rudder, throttles and Trim. When you want to dig deeper and add more, its not rocket science. Are people really so lazy they want it auto-magic...go figure.
  13. Very nice. Enjoyed watching. <S>
  14. Sure it takes Repetition until you dream about it. You have to put in the effort no matter the age. We haven’t forgotten how, we are just lazier. This is what it takes to achieve retention. I knew I was learning Organic Chemistry and Calculus when I was solving 10 page (front and back) equations in my dreams. That led to doing well and having recall in lectures and exams, where you see and hear it yet again. Same with anything you want excel in. If you want it bad enough You put in the time and effort. You figure most out for yourself by digging. Yeah... not spoon fed.
  15. Although I am not new to DCS, I watched your videos. I learned some things I did not know. So thank you for the effort and time you put into them. Stellar effort. Surely your videos will be appreciated by many who are new to DCS. <S>
  16. Nice trailer, Nice price with Miles. Looking forward to flying this one.
  17. @Vertigo. Please put your Doctorate to good use and write a “Hot to Map Controls, Including Comms” Guide for DCS. Should be a quick and easy task for an educated individual of your level of intelligence.
  18. This is all pretty funny. Most new to the sim only need basic mappings to get started. Lets see... pitch, roll, trim, rudder, throttle, flaps, brakes, fire gun, release weapon. Click in cockpit for rest then map more later as you learn and need. There is nothing so hard about mapping. Any gamer that has played a few titles has faced mapping controls before. This is no different. Even my 7 year old Autistic grandson can do it. As for the rest of the arguments, there are plenty of Experienced Users here willing to help “newbies”. All they have to do is ask. This happens everyday. Th
  19. I wish Tank Farms and Train Tank Cars would blow up like they should. Now tanks burn a little, go out and blacken in a funky mis-shapened way. I haven't seen Train tank cars blowing up or burning lately. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe they do. They didn’t last time I tried. But maybe my gunnery was off. I remember flying the A10C when it first came out to El-Hotovo on a custom Train killing mission. We took out the tank cars and they blew up nicely. In MP, both host and client could see the trains. We know there are issues with clients seeing trains today. Hopefully, that will
  20. Same in Channel map. I remember way back when the A10C came out we had MP missions with trains as targets. The Tank cars would blow up nicely when hit. No issues then for clients. Something changed. Would love to see this fixed.
  21. MegOhm_SD


    A couple of them hanging out and/or manning the LSO station When not occupied by a client would be cool...Animated of course. But they would not be in their flight gear. So that would not work for “Pilot” as requested.
  22. So if we had this...some would use it and some would not. I really do not care one way or the other. Why should those who do not want it care if it is there and someone uses it? Do they believe pilots would use easy mode and lie about it? Who cares... But of course MP servers that are hard core would just disable it. So the realism hardcore Pilots would never experience it or fly with those that do. So how would it affect them...that’s right...it wouldn’t.
  23. Yeah...just name them after ex-girlfriends
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