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  1. 10 months radio silence again, I know we've all had a difficult year but surely it can't take this long for such a simple module. No more $$ until its complete.
  2. Yes I have enabled that option, thanks, but I cannot seem to find my old subscriptions, over 300 that were organised into folders, is it possible also with the new Manage Followed Content to organise in a similar way? I would not be happy or be bothered to scroll through hundreds of lines of content without an organised structure. Many Thanks
  3. Monday morning when I usually get my updates from my saved subscribed threads, today, nothing. Login to forum, they've all been deleted, and this is progress.
  4. I subscribed to a lot of posts to help me learn DCS and avoid coming here and constantly asking questions until it was absolutely necessary, I had them categorised in folders to make them easier to find, now the folder option seems to have gone as well, I have to sift through 356 posts to find what I am looking for now. Granted some old posts do need to be deleted.
  5. This new forum is HORRIFIC. I had a list of organised saved threads, can’t find them anywhere as yet, so much harder to navigate and looks awful, please revert back, life is to short. Took me long enough to find the recent activity, don’t feel much encouraged to return here.
  6. Thanks BIGNEWY, it was either AVG anti-virus or a cleanup that cured the problem.
  7. Hi, having a similar problem here. Rebooted, repaired and deleted the troubled file location but still keeps re-occurring. Can't move D:\Gaming\DCS World\_downloads\Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Doc/M-2000C RWR Threat Codes.pdf to D:\Gaming\DCS World\Mods/aircraft/M-2000C/Doc/M-2000C RWR Threat Codes.pdf: (5) Access is denied. Apparently my log file exceeds the forum limit so I cannot attach it. I have NEVER in my history of DCS had a problem updating versions before. Any help would be gratefully appreciated
  8. Thanks Devrim, all good now. Carry on the good work.
  9. Pitch Ladder Hi DEVRIM, I'm trying to use your updated English Cues via OvGME, every time it is enabled I lose the aircraft datum and pitch ladder. This happens on a manual and auto start up, disable the mod and all is back to standard. Am I missing something? Regards.
  10. Also, right click on desktop, go to view and make sure Show Desktop Icons is ticked, mine once disappeared after a Windows Update.
  11. Hawker Typhoon Couple of years ago I went to the BBMF members day and this beauty was on display with the expectation of it flying within 2-3 years depending on funding. https://imgur.com/m7gU6Qv https://imgur.com/wAnDJZg
  12. If you ever get the AV8 Harrier. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=199461
  13. Thanks funkyfranky, back on track again, as HILOK said, small change has been made. Love learning this programming, albeit at a very slow pace.
  14. Hi Guys, hope someone can help out here. Just updated my stable version of DCS to 2.5.6 and Moose to 2.5.0, from 2.4 all of my training missions that I have set up are all now void of Random Air Traffic. None of my existing lus'a load, I can't even get a simple 3 line lua to work on a brand new mission, I reverted back to R.A.T 2.4.13 but still the same. My usual process after any update of DCS, Clean Up, Repair, delete FXO & Metashaders 2 Also I have reopened missions in the editor, tweaked and resaved, checked triggers and resaved. Already been here with this and I'm not the only
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