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  1. My first dogfight in the F-86 Went well until I started admiring my handiwork :doh:
  2. Same problem. I posted it in the CA bug reporting but obviously the bug isn't related to the unit switch when you are game master but is every time you jump into a new plane as well, whether you are game master or not.
  3. I've noticed a problem when starting a mission as a game master. It seems that when you try to jump into a radar equipped aircraft using the F10 option or Ralt + J... the control to enable the radar doesn't work. You can see the FCR flash on and then off if you hit the button repetitively but it is not on for more than a split second. Edit: also only the beyond visual range Air to Air and Air to ground modes work. Does anyone know a fix/workaround or is it an ED problem?
  4. So well I'm back :) Sorry for the sudden death of this project and my own disappearance for a couple of years. I'm afraid as soon as i was set ready to release the first full video, a combination of medical problems and computer problems left me with little time to do the rest of it. So after a few years of focusing on ArmA 2 video's and groups I have came back for the release of the huey. If there is an overwhelming need for me to re-start the project I certainly will but not in the style i was originally intending. More of a, how to do this, this and this rather than, this is every page of the CDU and this is how to do everything because i really don't have the time lately with work. But I can always squeeze the odd tutorial in. But first things first, I need to figure out how to take off with the huey, might be necessary for a tutorial :P
  5. Welcome to the forums mate! And well done on your vid ;)
  6. Don't know why they changed it to the USS Montana but funny all the same
  7. Yep thats right I already had that installed and no luck. I re-installed the nvidia 500 series drivers and the theme came back and i could get a screan saver working... however I then re-booted and back to basic theme and no screensaver... same with beta drivers.
  8. I'm sorry but I don't see anything of use there... it just shows how to find what version of directx I have: directx 11. Is there no way to update the drivers or something to activate direct 3D?
  9. Could you please provide a link to the updater so I can be sure I've got the right versions? Tnx
  10. Hi there! So ive just built my new PC but i seem to be having a direct X 11 or direct 3D problem. I've downloaded the lastest drivers from Nvidia for the GTX 560ti and windows is fully updated. However, the windows theme and transparency of the task bar etc are stuck at windows basic, and i cant get any screensaver to work as it say Direct 3D is unavailable. Looking into DxDiag, it seems all options under Directx features are not available, including Direct 3D. Has anyone had experience with this problem or knows how I can fix it? :helpsmilie: Tnx
  11. Ok so i've been looking at a friends gtx 560ti card and ive done a little looking around and there really isn't that much difference it seems between the gtx 560ti and the gtx 570.... which for £100 cheaper seems odd: heres some benchmarking: http://www.hwcompare.com/8999/geforce-gtx-560-ti-vs-geforce-gtx-570/ I really dont see the point in spending £100 more for 10fps what do u think?
  12. Hi there! So Im currently building a new system and I've ran into a slight problem: As there are so many types of gtx 570.... which one to buy? The main company's gtx 570's i've been looking at are ASUS and EVGA's models. So far i've worked out that the ASUS has the better cooling, quieter fans, and more overclocking potential, due to the better cooling..... however the hot air seems to escape into the case before it can be vented out the back. EVGA: stock cooling, slightly louder... however the air seems to more effectively escape out the back. My case is the cooler master elite 430 with no fan opposite the graphics card so im kind of worried that the ASUS will radiate around the bottom half of the case before finding a way past the graphics card. Also, has anyone had any experience with the software that comes with each card? Tnx!
  13. RIP Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham
  14. I won't be going extreme with the over clocking. And I think i will go for a Coolermaster kit, with the LGA 1155 socket course. Tnx.
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