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  1. NineLine's post in Has anyone noticed? was marked as the answer   
    The statement was: 

    the answer from Wags was:

    As in nothing new in there on this front, its what is currently possible in release today.
  2. NineLine's post in DCS F16 turn performance was marked as the answer   
    Please post your data, we certainly didn't check how it performs vs other aircraft, we checked it against available reference data with SME review, thanks.
    Test is based on GE-129 / 22k lbs GW / DI=0/ Max AB / Standard Day, see attached.
    While not perfect, and needs a little tuning here and there, it is much more accurate than the previous version.
    DCS_ F-16C Viper Sustained turn rate Rev1.pdf
  3. NineLine's post in Custom CMDS Lua now breaking IC? was marked as the answer   
    I have asked for people to list the mods and what they use them for here, I don't need the extra commentary, it will be considered off topic and you will be warned, you are not helping me get the message to the team by clogging it up with a bunch of grumpy text. Thanks.
    We dont test the game with mods, so this is what Open Beta is for, to find issues beyond what we can reasonably test. These changes were made to protect the integrity of the sim, so either the mod creators need to fix their mods, we need to look at how things are blocked or the functionality needs to be added to the sim. 
    So I am pleading with you, only post the mod, how and what it tweaks and its use if its not already posted here, if it is, then nothing else needs to be said.
    PS I marked this as the solution, its not, but the path to one, thanks.
  4. NineLine's post in Switching between DCS accounts wipes "special" settings was marked as the answer   
    Set up your settings for each account, you can launch with a different saved game folder each time, search the forums for the answer.
  5. NineLine's post in V 2.7 and Manifold pressure was marked as the answer   
    I checked this out myself, as well as asked our FM dev, and I see no issue currently in the Yak. The Dev also offered that he thought you are 'mixing nominal and CRUISE . Nominal 1 and 2 preserves no MP with altitude, because they have FTH at SL. Cruise 1 and 2 do have 1000 and 1800 m FTH but MP is 735 and 670 ABSOLUTE'. 
    I had no issue climbing to 4000m in your required time without full throttle or 100% RPM. 
  6. NineLine's post in TGP not working in Mariana Islands Map was marked as the answer   
    We watched the track and then took control. You never un-stowed the pod, when we did this, it worked as intended.
    Select STBY at top and then AG from right to unstow.
  7. NineLine's post in Are we expecting some flight model change in the next open beta update? was marked as the answer   
    We are hopeful for sometime in August after careful SME review. Thanks.
  8. NineLine's post in Training missions: instructor's voice inaudible was marked as the answer   
    Hey guys, while I dont think the volumes are horrible, they are not great, and I can understand where the accent might throw it as well. So with that, I have requested that we re-do the Spitfire training missions after the Mossie is out the door. We have new guys doing missions and such, so I think we can improve on all aspects of training here.
  9. NineLine's post in Chieftain Liveries Doubled was marked as the answer   
    Thanks I will check it out.
    Edit: Looks like its fixed internally. Lets see after the next big update. Thanks.
  10. NineLine's post in Cockpit door automatically closes with forward flight was marked as the answer   
    This is actually a workaround right now for the lack of simulated damage from having the door open, so while its not accurate, its only a placeholder right now.
  11. NineLine's post in Adding custom Marianas map to server mission list causes crash was marked as the answer   
    I am unable to reproduce this, as always, for a crash or any issues really we need logs and such. Thanks.
  12. NineLine's post in cant download DLC marians from steam client was marked as the answer   
    You both are on Open Beta, the one that was released today?
    If so can you both run a verify on your files, you may also have to restart Steam after this as well. thanks.
  13. NineLine's post in Rotor collision bug... entirely colisions with ground was marked as the answer   
    Please see the known issues list, DM is WIP, thanks.
  14. NineLine's post in Rudder trim off sometimes trims rudder was marked as the answer   
    Ok, this is correct as is. The aircraft starts trimmed so that when you release active pause you don't go spiraling to your death. As noted above, the way to re-trim if you choose is to reset the trim.
  15. NineLine's post in New Video, Gun pods, Tracers only on one side? was marked as the answer   
    The other side had the GUV grenade pod, but he did not use it... yet.
  16. NineLine's post in How Tough is the Hind Going to be? was marked as the answer   
    I tired to clean this thread, but you guys are all over the board. The answer to the question is, depends on what situation you put the Hind in. We can discuss again when it releases if its determined to be an issue. Thanks
  17. NineLine's post in Trim won't work if "USB network joystick" controller is plugged out during flight! was marked as the answer   
    The solution was to unplug it before you start. I have a small hub on my desktop, it has power switches, I simple can switch something off if I don't want it to conflict, I have this issue in other games where I don't want my HOTAS interfering. This is not a DCS issue.
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