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  1. Its a wood plane, of course there are slivers Will take a look, thanks for the report.
  2. Please include a track, thanks.
  3. We plan to add visual chokes in the future, will help this issue I think.
  4. This is a known issue, thanks.
  5. There has been some weird issues with shaders that can cause trains not to show up, so if you could, could you clean out your fxo and metashader2 folders and try again? Thanks.
  6. We will need a track to see what is going on, but sounds like you have it sorted now, so I will close. Thanks.
  7. Reported earlier, thanks.
  8. Hi, can you please supply a track? Thanks.
  9. I'm not seeing this, can you give me the mission you are seeing it in?
  10. Yes, some desyncs are still known, if you have tracks that would be best. Thanks.
  11. Please supply a track, thanks.
  12. I will need a track, I have not seen this. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys I have reported this, I am hoping to push for the new dynamic reflections gut either way this is not great right now. Thanks
  14. I've asked him to take a look here, but he did say he doesnt believe there is an issue, I will bump this thread to him.
  15. As posted previously by me, we are quite happy with results we have seen here, we will update if and when any other changes are made to this aspect of the FM. Thanks.
  16. Even people in know know that fly and have dropped these say the same things, they are not doing much more than light damage to tanks. Don't expect the 87/103 to be magic wunder weapons now, they will still need to be used to their strengths, and understand, on a spread out target, and only dropping one, you could miss if not dropped well. With the 87, you will probably want to drop 2, with the 103, you might get away with 1 as the wind wont be as much of an issue. I have a mission I tested with some BMPs, a couple T-55s, troops and transports in a outpost like layout in about 200 square feet, dropping with the right settings, and getting a good drop wipes out almost everything but the T-55s, but they sustain some damage.
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