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  1. The sudden engine jam has been fixed internally, in that it shouldnt insta jam now, the water cooled warbirds are set to get the new cooling system after the Mossie is out. I havent seen the Dora be able to run max power for 75 mins without issue, I am looking into issues of running too low of power without plug fowling, it looks like that might not be in.
  2. @ReflectedOk, so I was watching and trying your track (#3) again, and I noticed when you went into boost range, the MW pressure gauge was moving, if I took control, same, if I flew the mission on my own it was fine, so that is super odd, and perhaps a reason for engine issues there.
  3. Its very bizarre, I can see the engine quit in the track, but taking control and trying to reproduce I cannot.
  4. Yeah if you get a track you know where to find me
  5. As a follow up to their initial post found here, they wanted to update you on where they are at right now. Hello everyone! We have been closely monitoring the poll and all your feedback. We can assure you that all of your answers and opinions have been thoroughly read and evaluated. The COVID-19 pandemic and its worldwide impact (including our business) have also influenced our IADS simulation development plans. Nevertheless, in the last couple of months, we've been working closely with the ED team on this module's possibilities and features, which we would like to share with yo
  6. Waiting to build a PC based on what changes are made to optimize VR performance....any news/updates would be appreciated....hell, at this point I’m willing to offer money to help speed this up, respectfully.


  7. We are basing our AH-64D on a publicly available -64D Block I/II manual from 2002.
  8. Dear Jack, this is not true at all, the only thing that is true is that the F/A-18C came out before the F-16C, and therefore the priority to finish the F/A-18C remains higher, that said, we have hired new devs for the F-16C months ago, and they continue to work away on the F-16C. All customers of all our modules are important to us, we do our best to make sure we meet their expectations the best we can based on how many dev hours we have in a day. Thanks.
  9. Well if you ever try it again, and experience the same thing, let me know, send me some tracks and I will investigate. Thanks.
  10. As I am aware this was based on our research, its generally not a big deal unless your are flying a long time on low settings though, so it really shouldnt be an issue, just remember to give her a little extra gas from time to time. Thanks.
  11. What setting exactly, I used 2100 for an entire fuel load and saw no issue.
  12. Yeah I think its simple the stabilizer trying to stabilizer your movements, I am sure they just need to make it so it doesn't restrict the movements of the gun in regards to the gunner moving it.
  13. I dont think anything is off the table as of yet, but when it will happen my be a little hazy right now.
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