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  1. Old tools are not supported anymore? :-\
  2. Yeah I think the problem is also that extreme political views sell better because people like the let their imaginations run wild with unrealistic threats. Chinese think that the US is encircling them and trying to contain their economic/military rise. Americans think the Chinese are a threat and want to pull a Nazi Germany 1933 by invading central Asia, colonizing Africa, invading Taiwan, and Monopolizing the South Pacific trade routes. Anyone who ever took Economics 101 will tell you that before the politicians can get anyone to fire a shot the people with money and influence will stop them. This isn't the cold war and I don't see why people are making it out to be one.
  3. Its like blinders on a horse. You only let people see what they need to see. If they see too much they'll be harder to control. And 1.6 billion people would make whats happening in Egypt look like a joke.
  4. I also noticed in kung fu movies Jet Li or Bruce Lee always shows up in a room full of people dressed in white robes and they are the only one wearing black and they are usually on a mission for revenge LOL
  5. Hey man that's how the system works. Its the whole us vs them mentality that holds us back as a species. Some politicians say one country is bad because it has no freedom and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. The Russians had it bad 20 years ago, now it's China. People need a perceived enemy to want to fight because it gives us some sense of meaning in life. Human beings are warriors by nature.
  6. Funny how the news media is like social media. It's like Facebook. People are quick to judge others and talk shite but only put up the best pictures of themselves. Everything is skewed. No freedom in Egypt is permitted because they let us use the Suez canal. Lol
  7. Where is this file located? Also if I change the parameters will it effect other theaters or will it exclusively effect the single one? This is a big issue for terrains that use satellite imagery.
  8. It's really just the Western and Chinese media getting into a pissing contest trying to make each other look bad. Same thing happened during the Cold War...
  9. Actually before FC 2.0, there was an advanced haze ground effect which did a better job at hiding this:
  10. (Sorry Blaze, I hijacked this pic from you lol)... You can see here what is going on. The color mask of the terrain texture is overpowering the much higher resolution noise texture. It makes the terrain look fake and low res.
  11. Color Psychology Red: Red is also considered an intense, or even angry, color that creates feelings of excitement or intensity. Black: Black is the absence of light and therefore, of color. It represents power, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, remorse, anger, and death.
  12. "A first glimpse of an Army Aviation Z-10 attack helicopter is shown here. Co-developed by the 602 Institute, CHAIC and HAMC as the first dedicated modern attack helicopter for PLA Army Aviation since 1998, Z-10 is generally believed in the same class as South African Rooviak and Italian A129, yet still not as capable as American AH-64 Apache. The helicoter adopts a standard gunship configuration featuring a narrow fuselage and stepped tandem cockpits with the gunner in the frontseat and the pilot in the backseat. The fuselage appears to have a stealthy diamond cross section to reduce RCS. It also have a 5-blade main rotor made of composite material and an AH-64 style 4-blade tail rotor. All the vital areas of the fuselage including the cockpit and fuel tanks are believed to be protected by the armor plates. It weighs about 5.5 tons and was powered initially by two P&W PT6C-76C turboshaft engines (rated @ 1,250kW each). However domestic developed engines (upgrated WZ-9?) are being used in production batches due to the embargo imposed by the west. Its rotor and transmission systems may have been designed with extensive technical assistance from Eurocopter France and Agusta. Its weapon system may consist of up to 8 HJ-8A ATGMs in box launchers under the stub wings and a 23 or 30mm cannon mounted under the chin, aimed via gunner's helmet mounted sight. Furthermore PL-90 AAMs can be carried against enemy helicopters and slow-moving fixed wing aircraft. It can also carry 8 newly developed KD-10 ATGMs in the same class of AGM-114 Hellfire. Similar to AH-64, Z-10 features a large nose turret housing FLIR, TV camera, laser range finder and designator. RWR and MAWS sensors are installed on both sides of the forward and aft fuselage. In addition, a laser warning receiver is installed on top of the pylon on each side. The helicopter may also be fitted with an integrated communication/navigation system, a comprehensive ECM suite, IFF, chaff/flare launchers, 1553B databus, and a glass cockpit. 2 prototypes were built in 2003 and 6 more were built in 2004. The first flight of 02 prototype took place on April 29, 2003. Several Z-10 prototypes powered by PT6C-76C engine were evaluated by the Army by 2007. In 2009 it was reported that an "optimized" version (Z-10A?) was under developemnt and expected to enter the mass production. This version has a reduced weight and is powered by the upgraded WZ-9 engines. The latest images (December 2010) confirmed that at least 8 Z-10s of the first batch have entered the service with PLA Army Aviation (S/N LH951xx)." What's up with all the new Chinese aircraft painted black and red? Very dark side Sith look to the J-20 and WZ-10 :pilotfly:
  13. To be fair, the western media outlets take file footage and tries to pass it off as news broadcasts. Now this is funny: "In 2007, Xinhua, another Chinese state broadcaster, was accused of using an X-ray image of Homer Simpson, the cartoon character, to depict a genetic link to multiple sclerosis."
  14. I am not talking about race. My point is that people born and raised in the US have fallen short of the Thomas Edison type.
  15. Hey Luckybob, is there any word on the resolution/color clashing at low altitude issue being addressed by ED? It remains a big problem with all the terrain textures I am using and I really think they should have kept advanced haze.
  16. At least your children majored in studies that will help them find jobs. I just cringe at how many kids in America major in stuff like Art History... seriously with $200k debt in loans and no job to pay that off what they plan on doing with their lives. I read that most graduate 20 somethings are unemployed these days. Of the 20% of the population who goes to university, less than 5% major in Science/Technology. All the 'smart' kids are pursuing more lucrative pursuits like medicine, law, finance, etc.
  17. I agree, this is a cultural problem. Countries like China and India value education more and although they've been less advanced than the US, they have the motivation and drive. The whole deal with Obama's State of the Union speech called for more focus in science/math and engineering to keep the United States the most advanced country in the world. In order for that to happen there needs to be better incentive for educators/the education system.
  18. A European Jewish Physicist and a German Scientist... where are the American innovators?
  19. Interesting that it was an Indian engineer working on the country's most sophisticated weapons. That's a sad testament to the state of American engineering though, we hire the smartest foreign minds instead of producing quality engineers through a better education system!
  20. Nice mod! Is it on Lockonfiles? :) Kekeke
  21. People will say whatever iit takes so that they can sleep at night... :rolleyes:
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