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  1. NASA Tech Memorandum 103634 NASA Technical Reports Server, has the majority of technical reports and briefs published by NASA (even a few by NACA). It may not be open to people outside the US, but it is a great source of information for research and empirical data. Not sure about how much info there is on soviet helos, but there are boat loads on rotary wing. http://ntrs.nasa.gov
  2. Another advantage to add to AirTito's excellent post is safety. Even though tail strikes in any aircraft isn't a good thing, in a conventional helicopter its really bad. Also ground and maintenance crews only have to worry about the two big spinning rotors above their heads and not one that they can walk into.
  3. There are two different mode-switches ... Think of the Ch as a filter that changes between logical modes (ch mode switch on stick). Then the lomac software takes this info and adjusts accordingly to the aircraft mode (three buttons on leading edge of throttle). The nice thing about going through lomac is there is a feedback system in place. When you are in BVR mode you know you are in BVR mode, the joystick mappings will never deviate. Each controller is mapped to a different CMS and you are correct that it will ask to install additional devices. This was easier so I could just call
  4. ok here they are This is the entire input directory in my installation of lomac, It will probably overwrite yours if you unzip into the lomac folder, so make sure to make a backup. For some reason half of the mappings are missing for attack. But for the Nav/BVR mode it generates the problem I'm talking about. Lockon Input Configs CH Map I got a wierd image file error when testing it, replace the ~ with an a after download. CH Script I think the directx test I used is also in that directory. I mapped the left stick 4way hat to up - Nav, dn - BVR and the red button to switch be
  5. No commands are mapped through control manager. All buttons are directx buttons through each cms device. All the control manager does is switch cms devices when I press the mode button on the stick. Its logically the same as plugging in three different joysticks(directx only) into the computer. Regardless I did a test setup with out any ch software running, pure directx, I still run across the same issue. And to be clear, everything works flawlessly as long as I use the keyboard (1,2,3,4,5,etc...) to switch between modes. The problem arrises when I use a joystick button mapped to the
  6. Thanks for replying, To clarify, does lomac only switch mappings when using the keyboard? Out of curiosity I just tried with only directx enabled and switching modes with the joystick still doesn't work. The Mode switches but none of the bindings follow. Using keyboard everythings peachy.
  7. Try increasing the deadband if you haven't already. You can do this in ch manager or lomac. In lomac its in the controls setup and click on the zoom axis. In Ch Manager, click on Test/Calibrate, Ch Fighter Stick, then the axis settings tab. The throttle wheel is the z-axis.
  8. Actually I'm using both. I guess I should have went into more detail with my first post. A while back I wrote the code to map buttons on the stick to axies in the cms devices. It was very helpful in IL2FB for trim when coming from a Saitek X45. I have the stick hat, set up as 2 pseudo axies for trim, one of the throttle hats mapped to an axis for zoom and the micro-joy set to the radar designator and antennae. I have each ch mode, mapped to a different cms device (i.e. green LED - CMS1, yellow LED - CMS2, etc ...) Since lomac has the ability to map according to the different modes
  9. I'm currently using all Ch setup (Fighterstick, pro-throttle, pedals). All of the devices are mapped through a cms device. I'm using lomac 1.1's internal configuration to map buttons to commands. I also have buttons mapped according to modes (Nav, BVR, Boresight, etc ...) I tried switching modes via joystick and the mappings don't change, but works fine if I switch the modes using the keyboard. Has anyone else experienced this or confirm this? I don't know if its a ch issue or lomac, but did cause a very frustrating morning for me. :rolleyes:
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