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  1. It looks like the folks from the Aerobatic Online servers have found a workaround. I joined their modded server this afternoon and the mods you dont have are replaced with placeholders: I assume there are some limitations right now, since the Su-27 isnt really the closest thing to a MB-339 but this might be something ED could look into. Enabling a config file for modders or server admin to define which placeholder to use for missing mods (or...assets pack?) allowing anyone to join any server.
  2. F2 is a floating cam, F4 is "attached" to the aircraft. Like a gopro if you wish
  3. I mean, I know there're still there but you have to be ridiculously close to the crew to enjoy them. Even just sitting on the cat is too far to see the highest LODS. I understand the need for optimization but this is a really weird decision. AFAIK there isnt a single other unit in DCS that suffer from such a drastic lods reduction. It's also curious you've decided to nuke the deck crew lods, which are right under our nose, but the seamen one's which sits in the bubble or the island remain unchanged How it used to be: How it is now:
  4. If you're talking about the F4 view (in which case it's Right Ctrl + Right Shift + Numpad), It works only with planes and helos. You must be spawned in an aircraft in order to use it tho, it wont work if you're in spectator role
  5. Cats hate tea tree oil, you can put a few drops on whatever you dont want them near of. Be it a couch or cables
  6. A mod as complex as the A-4 would require a lot more maintenance then a few ground units and ships. Also I'm pretty sure it was Deka's plan all along to develop modules after the Chinese Assets Pack. If the A-4 was integrated into DCS, the dev team would lose the freedom of updating/fixing the skyhawk whenever they want, they'd be tied to the official update schedule. And in order to do so they'd need to have access to the closed beta and submit their updates/fixes to ED to make sure it's not breaking anything else. In other words, all the downsides of a payware mod, none of the benefits. I really dont get it. The MP crowd keeps complaining about maps and assets pack dividing the community but when they are offered free, high quality content on a silver plate they just turned it down. I cant think of any other game where the community is so eager for new content and so anti-mods.
  7. Thanks for bringing it back! Also, if you link the mothership to a ship you can make it move. It's quite a sight
  8. Anyone has had any success in using the liveries override with ground units? I've edited the usa_2005 faction and added this at the bottom but no luck so far "liveries_overrides": { "FA_18C_hornet": [ "VFA-37", "VFA-106", "VFA-113", "VFA-122", "VFA-131", "VFA-192", "VFA-34", "VFA-83", "VFA-87", "VFA-97", "VMFA-122", "VMFA-132", "VMFA-251", "VMFA-312", "VMFA-314", "VMFA-323" ], "m-1 abrams": [ "Desert By Keshman" ], "m-2 bradley": [ "Desert By Keshman" ], "m1043 hmmwv armament": [ "Operation Iraqi Freedom" ], "m1045 hmmwv tow": [ "Operation Iraqi Freedom" ] }
  9. The Hercules mod already support that. You need to load a script at the beginning of the mission. Also, if you have any issue with the hercules it might be best to contact the devs on Discord (here)
  10. "WarChief" by @Mike Busutil & "Do Right Baby" Right by @Quartermaster
  11. The description.lua generated by the modelviewer doesn't reference any specular or roughmet files. And if you look in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\World\textures\Ka-50_general.zip you wont find any either. Given how old the module is I guess it doesn't support specular or roughmet files Edit: ah well, apparently it's possible, but you indeed need to add a few files in the main install folder.
  12. I cant edit the 1st post for now. Hopefully tomorrow once the forum update is completed
  13. Can't edit my previous post and it's unreadable so..: I had to uninstall the NTTR to make some room for the Syria map but back in back May I started updating the mission. I found these 2 in my mission folder, it might be best to open them in the ME first to see if everything is there. [UH-1H] Forestry Operations 2020 [UH-1H] Forestry Operations 2020 AI You'll need to install a modified db_units_ground.lua in order to be able to lift the logs with the UH-1H. Use a mod manager as this goes in the main install folder Cargo For All You might want to place an invisible FARP on the heliport. Additionally,for those interested I have a modified FARP.lua which allows additional units to be used as support vehicles, this isnt mandatory for the mission tho. This also goes in the main install. FARP support vehicles According to the pics I took back then, seems like there's only 3 pickup sites but there's a new heliport and a new drop zone this is the additional FARP vehicles
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