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  1. You scared me for a second. Make sure the historical filter is turned off (at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Ah crap, indeed, the glass object in the 3d model was pointing at the original GMC pickup truck. I've updated the file, should be all good now. @Backy 51Thanks mate
  3. It's doesnt look like this for you? Or you mean from the driver POV? If so, yes indeed. I'm still working on a generic interior for this one and other models I'm converting.
  4. I'll be posting here the various civilian assets I'm converting for DCS. - Airport Services Vehicles (CA compatible): click on the spoiler for download link and instructions - European Sedan - Police/Civilian (CA compatible): click on the spoiler for download link and instructions - UAZ-452 (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Sergey Egelsky on sketchfab - Nissan Pickup Truck (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Gabee on sketchfab - Old Generic Van (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Daniel Zhabotinsky on sketchfab More coming soon...
  5. No, it's a different model
  6. There's already an updated model in the game files, been there for at least couple of years now: Not sure what's keeping ED from doing the last ~2% of work necessary to get it ingame, I guess there isn't a popular demand for it... But IIRC, Suntsag made it available with his NATO mod
  7. Use F2 to position the camera where you want then LCtrl+F3 for the custom fly-by view. The camera will stay where it is
  8. Impressive work VNAO, thanks a lot!
  9. Been a member here for more than 10 years and I dont remember anyone asking for this. I can't find a single thread on the subject either. I never thought I'd witness the collapse of 2 parallel universes into one. What a weird experience...
  10. Any chance of seeing other db's make a come back (farp.lua, db_units_ground.lua, AB-212ASW.lua, etc) ?
  11. Road cones: Grinnelli Design Airshow objects Sign: Frenchpack (edited by me) Dodge Ram & crew chief: Massun92’s Military Assets Pack Pilot: Military Aircraft Mod 163rd Black Snakes A-10C livery by Leethy Police car still wip
  12. I'm at a loss for words...it's incredible what you've done ED. And we're getting all this for free...
  13. You can use the model viewer to generate a description.lua. You need to load the .edm then click on this button:
  14. The panels lines and rivets are probably also on the normals and roughmets. It'd be easier to help you if you specified the aircraft you're working on
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