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  1. Are mods and liveries from the community allowed ?
  2. Yup, take a look on the side of these boxes ;)
  3. Sure, it's astonishing ;) So OK, the aircraft doesn't explode in mid-air once you leave the "playable" area, but the rest of the map offer very little if your not in a jet at 20k feet.
  4. It shouldn't necessary, I can get it working even with all radios turned off and with the rotary set on any channel. The only time I ran into issues with the radio is when the cargo mod wasn't properly installed. Just in case, this is a slightly updated version with a prettier FARP, might be worth giving it a try. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2hl7Fl5UcK5eVFDWlRaTFhBWWM
  5. Well, that's the "chart" map, not representative of what our "playground" will be For example, that's the NTTR "chart" map And that's the playable area, itself subdivised into low-medium-high definition terrain
  6. Just one question was asked and answered Q: How is the A-6 coming along? A: current 3d mesh is going to be scrapped and a new one will be done from scratch
  7. Wow, this looks excellent :thumbup:
  8. So, in a sense, we are the guineapigs for TBS Well, you know, it's a bit like a puzzle. At first you only have a few pieces that seems completely unrelated but as you progress it starts to make sense and you can see the whole picture.
  9. Using our partnerships, it is our priority to build a broad array of aircraft systems and terrains, to the point of modeling the entire globe. :)
  10. http://www.thebattlesim.com/new/theater_environment/ SoH ? :)
  11. there you go: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2800043&postcount=48 :)
  12. I did not see that post, thanks for letting me know mate :thumbup: Well, all this started with a mission where you deliver cargo from Batumi to an oil rig. I quickly added a few logs and a drop zone, but the real challenge is the oil rig. I don't have much time right now so it's very crude, you'll have to use the F10 map for the pickup zones location. And again, this should be considered as a "slingloading Instant Action". Mission file is attached to this post. Mods required: Upuaut's Cargo Mod for 1.5.3 Complete Upuaut's Mod %20UH-1%20EVERGREEN.rar?dl=0"]UH-1H Evergreen Skin Mi-8 Helix Skin [UH-1H & Mi-8] Batumi Forestry Operations.miz
  13. Well, if starway has a regular dropbox account, there's a 20Gb limit per day so less than 20 people will be able to download it from DB today.
  14. Actually, there are more, you might want to check this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160234&page=22
  15. As far as I know this is the only bomber available: B-29 mod
  16. Eight Ball

    VSN AdA Mod

    Thanks a lot to everyone involved :thumbup:
  17. Actually, ED changed the communication system. Whenever you are in flight, you should use "Pilot's radio trigger RADIO" (default key is R.Alt + \) It works in MP too, enjoy :)
  18. It kinda works, just make sure to have as little units as possible and keep it short. I was able to record a 20min video with it.
  19. That's really the only thing missing on the iron man suit. Explosive boobies :D
  20. Yes, it's a great shot! But you've changed the time of my mission :suspect: First the Mi-8, now this... Just kidding, keep sharing :)
  21. No, it's currently SP only. The communication menu is bugged in MP.
  22. lol Teeter, why did you put a pic of Hugh Grant ? :D It's cool to know a bit more about the team, nice to meet you all !
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