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  1. Unfortunatly, some SAM systems like the S300 or the Patriot cant move
  2. "Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game. Our dream is to offer the most authentic and realistic simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible." All this discussion reminds me of the P-51 release and how some people were claiming (rightfully so...to some extent) that the P51 didn't fit in DCS: wrong map, not proper enemies, be it in the air or on the ground, etc The issue wasnt so much with DCS than with people failing to understand what ED was aiming to achieve with the game. People were focusing on what DCS was and not what it could become. But ED has to start somewhere. I've played entire liberation campaign on the Syria map using Combined Arms almost exclusively and it was fun. Once you understand its limitations learn how to work around or work with them, CA is a solid module. And by the end of the campaign I was left wanting for more, not less. Some people say the fact that CA is so buggy and limited is the proof that ED should drop it and focus on the flight sim part of DCS. Personally I consider it's the proof they should double down and expand its feature/capabilities. I also dont understand why playable infantry seems to immediatly equates DCS:ArmA. I fully agree that expecting ED to create something even remotely close to ArmA or Squad would be...naive, to put it nicely. But having playable infantry "CA Style" would require very little work for ED. Despite what some have claimed, it would be really easy to do because 99% of it is already in the game. Really, all you need is a new connector on the 3d model to tell the game where the camera should be in 1st person view and create a generic overlay. Everything else has already been done. Now, it would be a really crude implementation but at least it would be a start. Finally, regarding the fact ED has said they had no intention to add playable infantry. In the past ED said they had no intention to update the old caucasus map and yet they did They've said you would need to own the super carrier module in order to join a server with the SC. And yet you dont. And so on, and so on... You guys have been here long enough, you should know everything is subject to change
  3. That's odd, it works the exact opposite way for me. Also, F11 and Ctrl+F11 are really the same camera. It's just that if you havent set up a "custom" free camera previously (by using Ctrl+F11) then when you press F11 it will cycle through the airports. If you've used Ctrl+F11 and switch to another camera (F1, F2, F7, etc) when you press F11 it will jump back to your "custom" free camera.
  4. But Combined Arms isnt ArmA. You don't actually have to sit in the tank while it's transiting. You give your tank platoon a bunch of waypoints then hop in a helo or aircraft and provide air cover for them or deploy air defenses along their path or just go bomb a completely different target on the other side of the map while they are heading towards their objective. Same goes for the infantry. You'd wait for a chopper to bring them closer to their objective or for a airplane to paradrop them right on top of the AO. If you guy arent interested in this kind of gameplay, it's all good but there's no need to come up with artificial limitations.
  5. Of course if you frame it like that... What makes you so sure you'd be able to spot the infantry unit in the first place? Why do you assume that player controlled infantry would be static? What makes you think they would operate without CAP or air defenses? The scenario you've described just sounds like a lame mission made by a particulary lazy mission designer. I could just aswell create a mission where you spawn in Kutaisi surrounded by Tunguskas, SA-10 and manpads and use it to prove how boring it is to fly jets...
  6. F2 (to position the camera where you want) then LCtrl+F3 is the best way to do it. The F11 camera tends to be "pushed" away when the aircraft comes to close of it.
  7. I've been using lights (both omni and spotlights) without issues. To which arg is it tied to? If you want you can send me your .blend files (or .fbx if you're using max) so I can have a look.
  8. Added UAZ-452, old generic vans and a nissan pickup truck. See first post. The follow me truck textures and normal maps have also been polished by BlackLibrary, download link updated
  9. Added an European sedan in police/civilian configuration. See first post.
  10. I'll make a variant with flashing LEDs. It's gonna take a few days coz I have other vehicles on the grill right now. The excellent liveries made by Backy were incorporated to the mod (link in the first post updated), many thanks to you mate!
  11. You scared me for a second. Make sure the historical filter is turned off (at the bottom of the screen)
  12. Ah crap, indeed, the glass object in the 3d model was pointing at the original GMC pickup truck. I've updated the file, should be all good now. @Backy 51Thanks mate
  13. It's doesnt look like this for you? Or you mean from the driver POV? If so, yes indeed. I'm still working on a generic interior for this one and other models I'm converting.
  14. I'll be posting here the various civilian assets I'm converting for DCS. - Airport Services Vehicles (CA compatible): click on the spoiler for download link and instructions - European Sedan - Police/Civilian (CA compatible): click on the spoiler for download link and instructions - UAZ-452 (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Sergey Egelsky on sketchfab - Nissan Pickup Truck (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Gabee on sketchfab - Old Generic Van (CA compatible): DOWNLOAD Original model by Daniel Zhabotinsky on sketchfab More coming soon...
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