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  1. The description.lua generated by the modelviewer doesn't reference any specular or roughmet files. And if you look in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\World\textures\Ka-50_general.zip you wont find any either. Given how old the module is I guess it doesn't support specular or roughmet files Edit: ah well, apparently it's possible, but you indeed need to add a few files in the main install folder.
  2. I cant edit the 1st post for now. Hopefully tomorrow once the forum update is completed
  3. Can't edit my previous post and it's unreadable so..: I had to uninstall the NTTR to make some room for the Syria map but back in back May I started updating the mission. I found these 2 in my mission folder, it might be best to open them in the ME first to see if everything is there. [UH-1H] Forestry Operations 2020 [UH-1H] Forestry Operations 2020 AI You'll need to install a modified db_units_ground.lua in order to be able to lift the logs with the UH-1H. Use a mod manager as this goes in the main install folder Cargo For All You might want t
  4. oh no :( I was hoping they wouldnt add this one. I had a lot of fun using it as a improvised airfield and was currently building a large refugee camp template there. crap
  5. I've uninstalled all my mods, run a full repair, cleared the FXO/metashaders (not sure where to find the other 2?) uninstalled and reinstalled the Super Carrier module...no change. Just so there's no misunderstanding. when you're near them, they look ok but once you start zooming in the ones further away turned into the M4 Infantry unit's cousins :mellow: F11 view, default FOV, from the end of the deck Same place, zoomed in:
  6. Thanks Stratos. v0.6: Humvees (x3), HEMTT TFFT, Patriot trucks (x5), Hawk CP https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2943310/
  7. I've combined the 2 previous FD livery pack for the HEMTT and added a few for some of the patriot trucks: 5 Liveries for the HEMTT TFFT 3 liveries for the HEMTT tanker 1 Livery for the Patriot ICC truck (Mobile Command Unit) 1 Livery for the Patriot EGS truck (Helitack Support Unit) 1 Livery for the Patriot EPP truck (Ground Power Unit) Drop the vehicles folders in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries DOWNLOAD
  8. :doh: I totally missed it in the drop down menu. Thanks razor!
  9. they expire after 100 clicks... here's a new one: https://discord.gg/jQE5Ba3dKA Technically you can shoot but that's about it, I wouldnt say they work fine. I think the devs did this to avoid a flock of people coming to their discord saying the weapons are bugged.
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