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  1. The old forum was indeed pretty much perfect and felt like a home after all these years. I've barely read a post or searched for content here since the change. Mud
  2. Here you go: Mud F-16C Toggle Switches.zip
  3. You won't see center position, but it will still work if you bind your switches to the commands you'll find when you search for AMS.
  4. No, just the default lua. But you have to bind your keys/buttons/switches also then in the controls setup. I see you added a section at the bottom though of your lua file called -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Special input for 3-pos 2-signals switches on joystick ---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That section already exists in the file. So you should not create it again. Just search for it.
  5. Correct! You'd wanna add this in the following section of that lua. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Special input for 3-pos 2-signals switches on joystick ---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {down = control_commands.ApPitchAlt_EXT, up = control_commands.ApPitchAlt_EXT, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = -1.0, name = _('Autopilot PITCH Switch - ALT HOLD/AP OFF AMS'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('In
  6. Yeah, with a TARGET profile it's done easily, but one of the things I like about DCS is that I don't need to run TARGET. Then I might as well start editing the DCS lua's myself.
  7. Come to think of it. I stand corrected. My appologies! The OFF position does indeed not work. So what I do is map the AP on/off on the left throttle to turn it off, and then move the AP switch to the center position. So indeed, it would be great if ED could make this work!
  8. That is working for me with the 3-way ALT / PATH switch on my Warthog throttle already. Unfortunately I cannot check at the moment how I set it up since I'm not home. I can check tonight if nobody else has chimed in by then.
  9. Just my two cents: - It should not allow them to get a lock on you from as far as when you have it off. - Some missiles have the capability to home in on jammer (HoJ) however, so it can be dangerous as well. I am not sure if this is modeled in DCS. I think in real it's pretty complex stuff and probably quite classified.
  10. Try this: Right CRTL+SHIT and NUMPAD * to go forward Right CRTL+SHIT and NUMPAD / to go back Right CRTL+SHIT and NUMPAD 8 to go up Right CRTL+SHIT and NUMPAD 2 to go down Set it to where you want it, and then do: Right ALT+NUMPAD 0 To save the setting.
  11. They stop spinning for me after I've had enough drinks, but then everything else starts spinning. Oh the choices I have to make!
  12. I would answer the poll, but I don't really understand the question. Will I buy it, or will I pretend to buy it?
  13. Yeah, I am just doubting which controls it is because it's muscle memory for me :) Might be right CTRL+SHIFT + Num * and / And to save it, it's right ALT + Num 0
  14. Right CTRL + NUM PAD / Right CTRL + NUM PAD *
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