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  1. Appears to be possible again now the way it's always been, in \DCS World\Scripts\Database\Troops folder with all the countries is back.
  2. Mud

    Database modding

    Seems like we have some (perhaps all) of it back now in as at least the \DCS World\Scripts\Database\Troops folder with all the countries is back.
  3. Mud

    Database modding

    Yeah, I was also looking for the \Scripts\Database\Troops\usa.lua as my squadron has vanished from the logbook now. I really hope ED will give us the ability to modify this again via the Saves Games folder then. Mud
  4. I just realised this question would probably have been better posted in the Mods section, than the Mission Editor one. So if a Mod would be so kind to move it. Thank you.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to properly add a custom squadron and with patch to the logbook in 2.7. I got it working in 2.5.x in the DCS installation folder. It appears that "DCS World\Scripts\Database\Troops\" has been moved / replaced. Also, since everything is being moved to Saved Games as to not pollute the installation folder, I wonder what the proper method is now. Mud
  6. I still use a GTX1070 as well and actually have pretty good frame rates in VR with most stuff and shadows set to high (terrain shadows flat). The only place where my system struggles is on the super carrier. Mind you, I have not flown in MP on busy servers. Spec can be seen in my sig. Mud
  7. Mine is bound to the Warthog throttle base slider as well, and during my test flight yesterday (cold start) the flaps lever in the cockpit was also not moving. The actual flaps themselves are.
  8. Wow, splendid job on this one, ED!! My hat off to you guys! Thanks! Mud
  9. When flying at the engine settings specified by the real P-51D manual for minimum fuel consumption, I noticed that I start losing power after some time just like with the Bf109. I assume this is the modeled spark plug fouling. Example: 5000ft at 1600rpm and 30MP However, the manual states that this setting, just as with max cont. and max cruise, can be used continues.
  10. I'm glad I found this thread. I was doing a long distance cruise flight today 10 degrees C, no wind at an altitude of 5000ft. Engine settings were 1.15 ATA at 2000rpm. I noticed my speed gradually diminishing from approximately 270kn to 220kn TAS, and me being forced to change the prop pitch to maintain 2000rpm over the course of about 1 hour of flying. I just couldn't figure out what was going on, but I assume it was the spark plug fouling then. Mud
  11. I just tried, but couldn't get it to work properly. Perhaps @ams999 can help out as he made the lua modification in this thread. I just packaged it into a file to be used with OVGME. Certain things I manage to do with the lua keybindings and switches, but others and try and fail miserably Mud
  12. I think I found the reason, and solution. At least I'm able to reproduce it on my end. When you open the kneeboard, it will also bring up that radio mouse cursor. If you then close the kneeboard while the mouse is at the edge of the kneeboard (like showing to increase/decrease the size of the window), then the pointer will not disappear or at least reappear once your main crosshair cursor disappears. To solve it, open the kneeboard again and make sure the mouse is not at the edges when closing it again.
  13. I should have put a marker in my screenshots. In the first picture the pointer is just above the right eyebrow of the canopy. In the second picture it's on the right side of the HUD.
  14. You cannot declare the off position for a 2-way switch on the Warthog Hotas. In my case I'm trying to bind the auto-slave to the RDR ALTM switch. It's an ON or OFF switch, so only the ON can be mapped in the bindings in DCS.
  15. No, I want it to work with a toggle switch: Toggle up turns on auto-slave, toggle down turns it off. Currently, up turns it on, but to turn it off I have to flick the switch down and then up again.
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