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  1. I have the Westinghouse 42 inch 1080P and I love it. I run mine at 1920x1080 all day with no issues whatsoever. The 37" would be great also.
  2. To resolve the issue with Lockon automatically changing the aspect ratio change the permissions on the graphics.cfg file so the Administrators group only has read/execute and read priviledges. Now Lockon won't be able to change the aspect ratio.
  3. I run lockon on a 42" Westinghouse LCD at 1920x1080. It's awsome. No ghosting and colors are great.
  4. Thats a good looking site. I'll get a link up on the 169th. S!
  5. I'm still having a problem with target aquisiton once they break the 20nm range. Last night I followed a target in from 60nm and once he hit 20nm I lost him. I knew his angels and and was scanning the right part of the sky but he completely vanished. Another engagement I followed the target in and locked him up aroun 25nm hoping not to lose him once he hit 20nm. I lost lock and aquisition at 20nm again. This is really bugging me. In both situations I don't see any reason why I should lose the target. In the last situation shouldn't the F-15 radar keep the target? Both times I wasn't ou
  6. I thought Satan would take this day off? :icon_wink
  7. Frost1e, although I sympathize for your situation we will not be able to reset the stats server until the end of the competition. Please understand if we make an exception for on individual then we would have to consider all situations. This will bring in arguments about what is fair to change and what isn't. Then we get to the "well you did it for them" argument and finally we just end in a big brawl. If you’re really worried about your position on the stats page just go do some of that pilot sh*t and get those stats back up. S! Helix
  8. What is a good site to get caught up on the latest LCD/Plasma TVs and technology. I want to purchase a new TV but have no idea whats out there or what I should be looking for.
  9. Thanks guys, it's been a challenge but fun. If any of you have any recommendations please feel free to email me. I'll have a Contact Us button up shortly on the site. If any squadron would like a link posted up on our site please email us with your squad name and the link. S! Helix
  10. Anyone that signed up over a few days ago will have to re-register. I migrated the site to a different version. Instead of needing to register on both the forums and site you now only register at the site. I was able to import some users and most of the posts but not all. S! Helix
  11. You might want to try this site. http://www.patricksaviation.com
  12. I do agree. We need a server. I've got this server with a 10Mbit up and down but can't get Lockon to run. Got frustrated and within two hours had a Counter Strike Source server running with no probs. I havent' given up on the Lock On server so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm 99% sure it has to be something with software config or hardware config. I ran multiple hardware stress tests against the server and it held up like a champ. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. S! Helix
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