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  1. You msut click in radar view first :rolleyes: ( so radar view must have the focus) :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: it's true !!!!!!!!!! and i really have no idea why:confused: I Must have a look to this
  2. ohoh new version available :rolleyes:
  3. Just test it , and for me it's ok. Do you activate radar in server config ? Thx :wink:
  4. youp, new version. New: Adler runway imperial in ILs view correct some extra bugs Know bug: sometime ( retab) pilot name apear as 'X'... (i know where is the pb but not why) Next to come: More runways jamming ( chaf and flare)
  5. New version ....( 0.996). Not big change visible. Network rewrite and add some options. This version is currently in test so use it with care. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/emmanuel.cazaussus/
  6. I use a matrix of 1204x3311 point that represent the entire map elevation. I calculate the position of plane and radar on this map. Then i calculate two function ( y = ax+b) one for X axis and one for y axis. So now i have all the points that the "waves radar " must follow to go from radar to the plane. If more than 5 point of this two function i upper than the plane altitude ( minus the radar altitude) then i consider than the radar can not see the plane. For awacs radar it's a little bit different because you must take the altitude of the Awacs in the calculation. So if Awacs is 10000M
  7. Strange i don't touch this part. Send me your mission.log and the configuration of lotatcsrv please.
  8. Just wait for patch and then we can see :p
  9. Hi all, Version 0.994 ready Here * Correct speed bug ( yesssssss) * Correct bug when switch from Awacs to IlS view * Correct bug in ILS view. Plane disappear 2 km before runway. * Enemies color change from yellow to red * adjust brightness of some colors * Add function to see bearing/Range of two planes. Click 'C1' or 'C2' ( cursor change) and select two planes.( click again to cancel selection) * Add range launch to enemies SAM * Add button to change brightness of map ( borderline). Multi click left for less, Multi click right for more
  10. it's exactly what i do, but to be precis, i must recalcul everery 10 seconds and in this case if the plane make a 180° for example, then the distance is bad and of course speed to :icon_redf If the plane stay a the same speed whitout manouvre, speed is good in LOTATC ( the speed in LOTATC is NOT the speed that you see in HUD but the speed that you see in F2 view :p
  11. correct, V 0.992 SORRY for that.....
  12. ok, i must redo this stupid speed algo calculation, but i don't have any idea of how to do. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Arrow just indicate if plane climb or down .....
  13. :confused: :confused: :confused: no,no,no GGTharos the speed is 20% LESS than it should be. Speed is "ground Speed" , i things it's called TrueAirSpeed . For arrow, i can't reproduce the bug, but i keep it open until i find it :D BTW i find a BIG BUG in 0.99 than can crash LOTATC. Fixed in 0.991 with somes others corrections (radar range, speed ...).
  14. OK EWR is 300 KM, but witch value for the three S300 ? if someone as values....
  15. GGTharos, you don't read my post... this is cost you a beer :icon_jook :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
  16. ahhhh, strange because there's just one line of code for this :cool:. I'll look for that.
  17. >Brothers31 - 60 meters? That seems very high, equivalent to a 15 storey building? >The ATC radars I have worked on back in the day, were on maybe 20 meter towers.... OK, 20 Meters is good for eweryone ? >Why do the EWR's have shorter range than the SAM SR's? >Looks liek that means the S300's detection rang e is a little too long, too. >Either way the EWR stations according tot his should have much greater detection range. i'm using LockOn value.... SO i'll a look to your URL and modify values >there are some bugs, right now one I see is the vector display, i
  18. Hi all, finally ,LOTATC almost in version 1.0.... News: *Completly separate config for Blue And Red *Redo all contacts detection algo. -Add Awacs position , altitude and range ( one for bleu and one for Red) -Add a map to server to position Awacs and see airports radars ranges -Add posibility to show or not Ennemie radars positions.( you always see yours) -Now, All radar type are use in LOTATC as a destroyable radar. -Add LOS for all Radars ( and yes GGTharos, Patriot as only 120° detection :-))))))))))) with 6 meters elevation for sam radar and 60 meters for
  19. Argggg i'm thinks too :D BTW where can i find information, because i don't want to implemente something that i don't understand :tongue:
  20. Strange, anyone else have this pb? :confused: BTW, i attach export.txt (rename it in export.lua) >Hm ... Brothers, can we have an option to not show SAMs? >I was testing this for CAW and we typically have hidden short-ranged SAMs >at target sites that shouldn't show up ... what type of SAM do you want to remove ? >Also, would it be possibel to show chaff, and pieces of destroyed aircraft? yes, but NO :rolleyes: for now. Each chaff is a element so it's generate too networks traffic >Could you implement radar horizon? (I put in the formula before) and have >
  21. in fact, UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) is one of this datum. I'm using standard UTM algo with some personnal modifications ( for technical reason). I need only two zones for LOTATC (36 & 37) . see here :http://www.dmap.co.uk/utmworld.htm to see all world zones
  22. New version 0.95 available for tests. # Add circle of distance of detection for the radars (button RA-I) # Complete change of display contacts. You can now freely move you on the map (if option validated) with the level of zoom that you desired. Only the contacts in your radars range will be visible :cool: #Change for the labels. Not very good but in progress, no? #Add of two additional TeamSpeak channels.
  23. 1- It's comming ...... 2- Of course, but in decimal degree. Make a draw in LOTATC and Look in dessin.dat : Ex: 0.000000 0.000000 <---- New draw 45.201253 38.946257 <---- Begin point Lat/Long 45.046292 38.941868 <---- Line to this point 45.046292 39.058872 <---- Line to this point 45.118321 39.012630 45.199950 39.081766 45.200610 38.947168 0.000000 0.000000 <---- New draw 45.198013 39.092677 <---- Begin point Lat/Long 45.042407 39.098774 <---- Line to this p
  24. Zillion, i send you a MP (on this site) two weeks ago do you receive it ?
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