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  1. got the updater working now,thanks
  2. not having any luck updating DCS World. I'm guessing the auto updater prompt only comes up once per day. Is there a way to update in DCS World?
  3. When I click "save as" in the mission editor, I am getting a "can't open file for writing" message. I'd like to save an existing mission and modify it. Any ideas?
  4. Figured it out. I was pulling too hard on the stick! Eased off and she looped just fine. I sure love this simulator!
  5. I was watching a youtube video of a real A10 performing at an airshow doing loops and pop up manuevers. When I try that in the sim it just does not seem to have the energy and I experience loss of control. Airspeed goes to LOW real fast. Reduced fuel to 2000 lbs and no ordnance. Is there something I need to disable?
  6. It really is incredible that we have these hi fidelity aircraft models to fly. When I die, I'm leaving all my money to ED!
  7. I dont have the software yet, just doing some research before building a cockpit
  8. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I saw a video of someone with a Helios touchscreen setup. How does one remove the instrument panels from the forward views. With TIR, his head turned but no instruments could be seen except on the touch screen monitors.
  9. Getting ready to take the plunge with a new PC and TM WH. Is Navigation by ground reference modeled in this sim? Let's say I'm going home after a mission and shot up pretty bad. No HUD or Nav system of any kind. Just a compass. Would R/L pilotage(charted reference points, wind correction calculations,magnetic variation) methods work in the sim to get me home. To put it another way, Do the simulated elements affect my course over the ground. And can I compute course corrections manually to account for these.( I hope so) If yes, Is the terrain in the simulation accurate to a real T
  10. I'm not asking you to disclose classified info, but how is it "far" from what is available to us?
  11. It would be great to have some real combat pilots flying together in multiplayer demonstrating various tactics. With TARS, of course. I would think there should be several pilots that were consulted during the creation of the sim. That would be an incredible learning tool.
  12. Yes, I think the 2500K will be fine for now. Going with ASUS GTX 560Ti. Hopefully I'll have the rig put together in about three weeks. Will report back on how everything is working. Thanks everyone.
  13. In the reply above: Is he saying that files in DCS A10 will have to be modified in order for the R6970 card to work??????? i welcome any comments by ED testers.
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