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  1. A little update of what i found out:


    - if i have in my export.lua under savegames only this line:


    local vaicomlfs = require('lfs'); dofile(vaicomlfs.writedir()..[[scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua]])


    Then module is recognized...


    If i have these lines which includes helios export, virtual cockpit export, TAC view turned on, then my module is not recognized:



    -- IVMOBS Modification

    -- v109

    local default_output_file = nil

    function LuaExportStart()


    function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame()


    function LuaExportAfterNextFrame()


    function LuaExportStop()

    if default_output_file then


    default_output_file = nil



    function LuaExportActivityNextEvent(t)

    local tNext = t

    return tNext



    -- dofile(".\\VCSServer\\Main.lua")


    -- dofile(".\\VCSServer\\M2000C.lua")


    -- dofile(".\\VCSServer\\AV8BNA.lua")


    -- dofile(".\\VCSServer\\FA18C.lua")

    -- ========= Modules =========



    -- === HELIOS =====

    local lfs=require('lfs');



    local Tacviewlfs=require('lfs');dofile(Tacviewlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TacviewGameExport.lua')


    local vaicomlfs = require('lfs'); dofile(vaicomlfs.writedir()..[[scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua]])

  2. Look at the keyboard count... They are different by 2 and i cant finish process to update keyboard database.. Every time i start VA buttoun finish is yellow although i did copy/paste function in field "when i say...."


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  3. I have two questions so please help me answer them if you can:

    1. sometimes when i join MP server, my vaicom doesnt recognize my aircraft..How to fix that - do i have to close DCS, then find the same server and join to restart voice attack?

    2 When i use nvidia RTX voice (util to remove background noise) - my microphone gets muted? Is there a way to have Nvidia rtx voice active and voice attack working at the same time?


  4. Noticed a significant fps drop in multiplayer on my regular server (30fps ground to 45 air). It's probably AI related. Quick Missions with no AI run as normal (60 ground to 100fps in air).


    EDIT disabling TacView doubled my frame rate. I'm now getting 70 on the ground and hitting over 100 in the air. DCS is playable again!


    Looks like you are right...I got from 8 FPS to 20 FPS on a mission with 400 moving ground units after i disabled TACVIEW !!

  5. I am using stress test mission with 400 moving ground units, in DCS OB i get 7-8 fps on start


    [update] - i just installed DCS stable - and my FPS rised to 25-ish !!!



    I also noticed this - look at the two pictures - these are from FPS counter windows...In DCS OB it looks like some sort of memory leak - VideoMEM and MEM are reported as 0 !!!


    I have 32 GB ram, and RTX2060super with 8 GB ram!!





  6. C'mon you devs...Whole month with free content will pass and we can't play because low fps in latest dcs open beta


    I am using stress test mission with 400 moving ground units, in DCS OB i get 7-8 fps on strat




    [update] - i just installed DCS stable - and my FPS rised to 25-ish !!!


    Check this post



    And here is mission


  7. After latest OB update - my joystick config got messed now i can't assign left throttle axis to my TM warthog att all..Other modules work fine, for example my F-18 still works fine..Up untill now i was using otpion to manually add middle crank position for l/r eng start, and i manually added buttons for lantirn operation from pilot position mod.


    Can somebody direct me how to return only the F14 buttons and axes to default without having to do the whole DCS repair?

  8. If you only need to change monitor setup/res, you can make "presets" by making copies of options.lua and write a batch to switch between configs. (this is what I do to quickly switch pancake<>VR)


    Assuming the batch is directly placed in Saved Games\DCS\Config, and your alternative option files are "MyOptions_1.lua" and "MyOptions_2.lua :

    @echo off
    choice /c 12 /m "Press 1 for MyOptions_1 and 2 for MyOptions_2"
    if "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "1" goto OPT1
    if "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "2" goto OPT2
    xcopy /y /f "MyOptions_1.lua" "options.lua"
    xcopy /y /f "MyOptions_2.lua" "options.lua"

    Then send a shortcut to desktop.


    Otherwise, you can use any notepad app (windows notepad or notepad++) to edit the settings by hand.


    Thanks i used your approach, now all's good finally

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