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  1. Please if anybody knows where i can find this profile for Helios DCS F16 - https://imgur.com/ajr4vPJ - point me to author or where i can download profile.. Thanks (i lost contact info of author from 2 years ago)
  2. I started looking for alternative profiles for Helios - for use with ipad ad control device for operating buttons and MFDs...If somebodye have them, please share your profiles - original captain Zeen profiles are to small buttons and mfds for use with ipad..I am currently using one of profile i got from someone but i lost original file and i don't remember from where i got it - but this one isnt working https://imgur.com/noh0aFJ
  3. If someone has HELIOS profiles that are usable on Ipad devices - for AV-8,F-18, F-16, F-14 please share them.. For example this one is for F-16 - its perfect for ipad devices --> https://imgur.com/x1YkkXY because MFD and buttons are bigger than in Capt Zeen profiles..
  4. Can anybody direct me how to load checkpoint in rising squall missions? I am on mission one - and after destroying sams, and before launching JSOW i got shotdown - how can i reload checkpoint? Also does anybody know where are rising squal campaign files installed?
  5. Ok, you got me confused with DCS Ground crew part ...
  6. I would like some of the DEVs answer this question - why do you keep record track option active if its broken? If you cant fix it, why don't you disable it ? Or the track is working only if you dont use fast forward?
  7. Ok...but then why don't you fix the track control so we can fast forward without issues? Why do you keep record track option active for 10+ years if you know it's broken?
  8. I need help locating guide on how to enable VAICOM to show in my taskbar in win10? I had it enabled once, but now i cant find in manual guide how to do it..
  9. My question was if i could use your app to save mission state (with manual editing new mission file if needed) so i can continue after egress point, or after refuell before ingress..So i have all the waypoints for my flight and enemy flights etc... I know that there is no save mission state like in falcon BMS, but i need something similar that i can use to recreate mission inside DCS to continue where i left off during long missions
  10. So in a nut shell if i want to use this util as save game utility for sp mission, i would get new .miz file with all the triggers, ground units, destroyedbuildings/units but with no air and no fired missile units in the mission file...Now i would only need to add my flight , tankerrs/awacs or similar mission related aircrafts with waypoints to have some sort of save mission state so i can continue from where i left of?
  11. Looks like it finally got fixed in newest patch..
  12. I was also thinking by using some of external utils like CombatFlite, or TacView to save "state" of mission, where units are positioned, status dead/or/alive and then import that file into dcs as miz..and continue where i left the mission...but no such util for now..
  13. I would only need two save points in each mission - after starting jet and takeoff , and then after egress point
  14. Today open beta patch and - FIx for multimonitor problem with kneeboard is not fixing my problem... I still cant see kneeboard on my main screen - it is always positioned to the right screen.. I am not on 4k monitor - but i have 2 screens setup with 1920*1080 each... Also when opening jester windows -i see only one half of a jester wheel...the other in on second monitor..
  15. FIx for multimonitor problem with kneeboard - what is this? I still cant see kneeboard on my main screen - it is always positioned to the right screen?
  16. Tried and chehck both my monnitors are on 60 hz...Still problem is flickering on my second screen
  17. I tried disabeling vsync in game, and enableing in nvidia control panel...My fps went from 30 to 60...But now problewm is on my second screen - i use ipad to control MFD screens, but now my left and right MFD video screens on ipad are flcikering...When i turno vsyinc inside DCS problem gone, but fps loss is back.. Did anyone else noticed that?
  18. Thanks - managed to fix with this:---> ---> ::: ----> -----> For those of you who use a multi monitor setup and would like to have more freedom with the positioning of your Jester Menu, you can add the following section to the camera.lua in MonitorSetup: F14_JESTER_MENU = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; } Now you can move the menu to any position you like by adjusting the values. (It works the same way as you would position your gauges.) This is ignored in VR. Best regards from the Heatblur Team
  19. Maybe somebody can help me with this problem on two screen setup see here ---> https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/input-and-output/vaicom/198841-vaicom-pro-plugin-for-voiceattack?p=7148652#post7148652
  20. Ok -- need help with this one..I figured why don't i see VAICOM PRO jester wheel version -- i am using two screen setup, and the Jester wheel is moved to my second screen which i don't see..If i disconnect my second screen this is what i get: https://i.imgur.com/0COXMMy.png.. Does anyone know how to move VAICOM jester wheel to middle of my first screen?
  21. Sorry everybody, maybe there is an answer burried somewhere in thread, but can i have Jester wheel on screen but still use VAICOM RIO Extension at the same time?
  22. I noticed this sound problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y2lUdPGqmM. Vanilla F-18, latest open beta patch, instant action mission for f18, caucaus
  23. Here is video of texture problem and on top of that sound problem for F-18...
  24. Is it me or the whole forum look changed and i can't find any news about it?
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