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  1. On my first dynamic mission - whlile on carrier i set Trimmer to sead, and others to CAP ..When i am in flight - in F10 - there is only option to send trimmer to CAP?  How to i order trimmer to SEAD? Or the correct order is to send Trimmer to CAP, and since on the beggining of mission i set him up for SEAD he is going to do the SEAD task? Also i lost both trimmer aircrafts because AI flew over AA after firing those AGM-65s and hitting ground targets ..Do i have  trimmer available on my next mission since he was shot down?


  2. Hi..where can i check debriefing screen - after mission i get this screen with campaign progress code -- https://imgur.com/LJm3RLx

    But where can i see debrief (i see on tac view that i lost trimmer flight (both AC when they were doing sead) but where i can confirm my losses?

    If i lost trimmer flight, is he available for next mission?

  3. 59 minutes ago, petritis said:


    Hey, red circle appears only during debriefing. In case you miss to take a screenshot no worries you can still proceed with your mission since these strike tasks are optional. Since this will be your first sortie after mission 1 i would suggest you to focus on Air to Air and SEAD tasks. 


    Thanks, will do...Any news on fix for terrible FPS loss in first dynamic mission of campaign?  

  4. Yep just noticed the same frame rate drop...didnt wait for minute or two...When i hit pause, fps are back through the roof...

    Hi i have same problem as you...do ypu maybe have a picture of your mission2 target with red circle on map?

  5. I am on the first mission and i chose to refuel - i didn't top out, and first i waited for wingman to finish...After receiving enough fuel i disconnect - and than nothing..No scripted tackbak no nothong - How can i progress further, i never receive any word that i can proceed to attack ground targets at wp7? I just flew to wp7 dropped bombs but mission didnt progress further?  What is the trigger for successful refuel?



  6. Need help with this - i cant find how to find the frequencie of my carrier? Why doesnt flite extract radio comms for carrier so that when i export my kneeboard to pdf i can have radio freq displayed there...In my kneeboard there is ATC option under carrier but when i click on it nothing is displayed?  Check this picture - i have flight comms, intraflight comms, but nthing on carrier... 68sTPld.png

  7. 20 hours ago, S-GERAT said:

    If this helps the first time I play this mission after the campaign launch it worked fine. Today I'm trying to play directly through mission editor and behaves like the other folks said. No refuel and the planes crash to the ground. My settings have not changed.


    EDIT  : Found that the problem was VAICOM interfering with the scripted comms. Without it all works fine.


    You the man - i also use vaicom...will try without it

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