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  1. Hmm after restart now it works will chechk logs
  2. How to complete refuel part...i connected two times and received fuel, but never got the dialog that refuel is complete?
  3. I am on the first mission and i chose to refuel - i didn't top out, and first i waited for wingman to finish...After receiving enough fuel i disconnect - and than nothing..No scripted tackbak no nothong - How can i progress further, i never receive any word that i can proceed to attack ground targets at wp7? I just flew to wp7 dropped bombs but mission didnt progress further? What is the trigger for successful refuel?
  4. The second i launch Vaicom taskbar app it shows in my taskabar for a second and then closes...How can i fix that?
  5. Yep...it took me almost 25 attempts to get it right...
  6. You can check this track view in TAC View ...The key is during the dialog, at the half point in mission after turn to the right - you slow down slowly so that two su-27 behind you overfly, and then engage firstly 2 in front, and then other two... Tacview-20210302-215909-DCS-CI_12_v1.zip.acmi
  7. Need help with this - i cant find how to find the frequencie of my carrier? Why doesnt flite extract radio comms for carrier so that when i export my kneeboard to pdf i can have radio freq displayed there...In my kneeboard there is ATC option under carrier but when i click on it nothing is displayed? Check this picture - i have flight comms, intraflight comms, but nthing on carrier...
  8. During last mission my plane is left without fuel and crashes top sea? Is this bug or proper ending?
  9. Somebody should report this to Inverted team/and vaicom pro guys...
  10. You the man - i also use vaicom...will try without it
  11. I was playing mission 10 for almost 3 hours (retrying the mission for about 6 times), trying to hit the kilo sub with slamer - although i manage to terminal guide slamer in last 10 miles, but cant recognize sub on man in the loop screen...Is there an easier way to find sub?
  12. Thanks - after almost 1 year with f-18 still something new to learn after every patch
  13. Please see pic https://imgur.com/oTNWv00 - what is that cross on rdr screen?
  14. I saw in a couple of videos that you can change radar range by bumping cursor up down on radar screen edge...But whem i do that my rdr range does not change - anybody know why?
  15. I am having same issue, but plane does not refuel - it just approaches tanker, then rolls right and inti ground...Problem is maybe communication because on the track it never asks for refuel...
  16. Hi mcmike - can you or somebody else share helios f-16 profile ...I am looking for something i can use for my ipad that has larger MFD and buttons - than capt zeen profiles?
  17. Please if anybody knows where i can find this profile for Helios DCS F16 - https://imgur.com/ajr4vPJ - point me to author or where i can download profile.. Thanks (i lost contact info of author from 2 years ago)
  18. I started looking for alternative profiles for Helios - for use with ipad ad control device for operating buttons and MFDs...If somebodye have them, please share your profiles - original captain Zeen profiles are to small buttons and mfds for use with ipad..I am currently using one of profile i got from someone but i lost original file and i don't remember from where i got it - but this one isnt working https://imgur.com/noh0aFJ
  19. If someone has HELIOS profiles that are usable on Ipad devices - for AV-8,F-18, F-16, F-14 please share them.. For example this one is for F-16 - its perfect for ipad devices --> https://imgur.com/x1YkkXY because MFD and buttons are bigger than in Capt Zeen profiles..
  20. Can anybody direct me how to load checkpoint in rising squall missions? I am on mission one - and after destroying sams, and before launching JSOW i got shotdown - how can i reload checkpoint? Also does anybody know where are rising squal campaign files installed?
  21. Ok, you got me confused with DCS Ground crew part ...
  22. I would like some of the DEVs answer this question - why do you keep record track option active if its broken? If you cant fix it, why don't you disable it ? Or the track is working only if you dont use fast forward?
  23. Ok...but then why don't you fix the track control so we can fast forward without issues? Why do you keep record track option active for 10+ years if you know it's broken?
  24. I need help locating guide on how to enable VAICOM to show in my taskbar in win10? I had it enabled once, but now i cant find in manual guide how to do it..
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