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  1. Today, I started new mission from parking area, started my port engine, than starboard, asked for taxi clearence, applied little throtle to start moving...after few meters, I heard strange sound, like something burning, then checked my external view, and noticed that my port engine was on fire!!!!! I checked my temperature gauge and it was in red zone...I decided to shut down engine (not using my fire extuingisher), imediatly flames where gone...I started again, and after few minutes the flame was back again...I had to scrap the entire mission because of it....I think this simulation is brautifull in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. U have to modify mission waypoint for attack (move it 8 km from target area), so wingman has time to prepare for attack....after 1 st pass order him to rejoin, fly away from tgt, then repeat from 8 km.....

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