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  1. When this will be fixed? On every flught i watch replay in tac view and most of my flight crashes to the ground because AI is flying low...
  2. I am trying to setup my hotas - i would like to setup sensor control switch up long press command via target script as sensor control switch depress, but i need to know if there is some function already assigned via DCS F-18 to sensor control switch up long press command
  3. Yes i have some mods, + tacview, + vaicom pro extension...Maybe some of them is whats causing problems...? I also use 2 monitores and util to export mfd screens to second monitor
  4. On the beggining of each of the missions, comms window and brief window are overlaped on top of each other - so i cant read any of them...In some of the videos i saw that brief window is automatically moved below comms menu? How can i fix that? Like it is now i cant read menus so i can give orders to flights and to input mission progression code...
  5. I fly f-18, the AIs are also F-18 - here is tac view - and screenshot: At 10:57:14 mark 6 ai planes from my flights - all crashed to the ground by that time - and not because of AA/SAM ..Here is TAC VIEW track : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gIxaB1ueIBTGnDVq_oUrk4f--M0hzMqm/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thanks but i need something more recent...those posts are from couple of dcs versions bak..when using some of them options through JGSME mod i cant launch dcs..it stops at 10 percent
  7. Can you make it so that comms menu and breif menu during the startup process are not overlapped?
  8. I have also noticed that AI even on ACE while doing SEAD is poor - I load SEAD with only two AGM84E - and first aircraft fires missile and then cotninues flying in straight line directly over AA ...Second ac just follows first and doesn not fire... What is proper procedure to send SEAD flight to do the SEAD? After begining of mission when i assign the to SEAD - how to order them to proceed to attack? Do i have to order them, or they are departing RV point on their own? Or do i tell them to go to cap through F10 menu?
  9. Is there a way to move Comms menu - for example i would like to put it to the right of hud menu?
  10. I have set quick mission with one F18 - armed with AGM-84E - and two enemy trucks one AA and one radar...I set AI at ACE level one F-18 40 miles from target on 30000 feet...And AI shoots one missile - destroys one truck, and than keeps flying the enemy position and over it start circling.. . Come on developers...can you tweak AI - why does it fly in straight line toward enemy poisition after first missile? Why doesnt AI reposition itself immediately for another pass? See attached TAVCIEW Tacview-20210322-211608-DCS-111_HR test.zip.acmi
  11. Please schek this: -->
  12. Here is tacview within Pontus campaign mission3 - you can see F18 AI flying into ground or F18 being registered as destroyed with no visible threat..for example at point in track 10:38:32 - Phoenix31 aka hooters just dissappears? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TgFMMTrRuoK9CaFba1EhfTafKtWOlgkv?usp=sharing
  13. I watched your TAC view - and after this point 19:26.48 you have Trimmer and Pickles collide with ground - maybe their fuel is spent?
  14. Heres my tac view - same thing - SEAD flight not seading with standoff weapons - AGM154 (maybe i forgot to add in their payload something - like data pod or tgp)? Also flights collide with ground - in this mission trimmer/fish are CAP Hooters/Pickles are SEAD.... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TgFMMTrRuoK9CaFba1EhfTafKtWOlgkv?usp=sharing Maybe - i dont know how to order SEAD flight to go SEAD - after i slected their roles in begining of mission, i dont have orders to send them to do a SEAD - there is only option to go to CAP?
  15. On my first dynamic mission - whlile on carrier i set Trimmer to sead, and others to CAP ..When i am in flight - in F10 - there is only option to send trimmer to CAP? How to i order trimmer to SEAD? Or the correct order is to send Trimmer to CAP, and since on the beggining of mission i set him up for SEAD he is going to do the SEAD task? Also i lost both trimmer aircrafts because AI flew over AA after firing those AGM-65s and hitting ground targets ..Do i have trimmer available on my next mission since he was shot down?
  16. Is there a way to open debrief log after i exit the current mission? I have saved debrief.log but is there a way to open it form DCS?
  17. Hi..where can i check debriefing screen - after mission i get this screen with campaign progress code -- https://imgur.com/LJm3RLx But where can i see debrief (i see on tac view that i lost trimmer flight (both AC when they were doing sead) but where i can confirm my losses? If i lost trimmer flight, is he available for next mission?
  18. What is this red symbol representing _ http://imgur.com/gallery/UbqXTIo I supposed it was enemy aircraft but when i locked it it was my side drone.. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  19. Thanks, will do...Any news on fix for terrible FPS loss in first dynamic mission of campaign?
  20. Yep just noticed the same frame rate drop...didnt wait for minute or two...When i hit pause, fps are back through the roof... Hi i have same problem as you...do ypu maybe have a picture of your mission2 target with red circle on map?
  21. Please, can somebody take a picture of what building i need to take out on this coords? I misse to take screenshot of red circle after first mission https://imgur.com/H5MpVld
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