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  1. Where is the update...? I dont see 2.01 on bit-shift.com, or apple store? What and where do I need to update - on my ipad, or my PC?
  2. Hows the weight compared to default setup?
  3. Thanks for sensitivity of stick x/y axis last night i finally managed to conect with tanker..awesome stuff Update ** 27.08.2011 - last night I managed to connect with tanker and got almost half tank of fuel...
  4. Hi...does anybody have measurements of placemenet of upper portion throttle switches (that are placed before LASTE panel)? I would like to make a panel with cut-out for switches which I can use for other simulations that i play..Check pic..
  5. Hi...do you have measurements of upper portion of throttle (switches that are pleced before LASTE panel)? I would like to make a panel witch cut outs for switches which I can use for other simulations that i play...Check this link for explanation.. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1241487#post1241487
  6. Just noticed this, check it out: http://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_188a.html
  7. S77th-Mustang --> I added some info about authors in pdf file, as per your instructions... Druid - thanks for you contribution...i added your section inside pdf
  8. I just removed and updated some sections in pdf...Thanks MemphisBelle.. Today i will try and add tutorial for mk-82 slick/high drag configuration...
  9. thanks will check it ...thanks will check it..
  10. It happens when you modify loadout in mission editor
  11. Thanks for info, will check later today... Another idea that came to mind...Could you make a dynamic setting of stick sensitivities for pitch, roll and yaw with using Friction control? Something similar to "... Slew keying/mousing tuned by Friction-Control"...but to adjust sensitivity of stick itself...so user can make stick less sensitive during refueling?
  12. Hmmm.what are those yellow stickers?
  13. Idea for dynamic campaign This is question/idea targeted at ED or comunity? Would it be possible to create campaign like mission structure similar to career mode in "Rise of flight"? In ROF there is career mode, that is simplified dynamic campaign - it randomly creates different type of missions (recon/bomb/cap/patrol etc...), but it keeps track of player progress..There is a time interval during which "campaign" lasts, and new missions get generated on a daily basis...Simply put player is advancing from day to day, and gets to play a different missions during the time interval (ie 800 days of WWWI)..Only thing available to select for player is ordnance, and the time of begining of campaign, and different squdron...
  14. OK now i only need to figure how to make my warthog load automatically profile that switches all backlightning off when i start windows...
  15. Hi...i have a new question...I am building clean script, which after I load it automatically turns all leds and backlight off..Reading the script manual i got this, but it isnt working: "include "target.tmh" //here we link this file to the file that contains the default Thrustmaster function code int main() { if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error //script and function functions go here and before the } ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+LED(&Throttle, LED_ONOFF, LED_CURRENT-LED1)); //set LED 1 OFF ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+LED(&Throttle, LED_ONOFF, LED_CURRENT-LED2)); //set LED 2 OFF ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+LED(&Throttle, LED_ONOFF, LED_CURRENT-LED3)); //set LED 3 OFF ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+LED(&Throttle, LED_ONOFF, LED_CURRENT-LED4)); //set LED 4 OFF ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+LED(&Throttle, LED_ONOFF, LED_CURRENT-LED5)); //set LED 5 OFF } int EventHandle(int type, alias o, int x) { DefaultMapping(&o, x); } "
  16. Is it possible to make an option to disable only trees shadows but leave other shadow on (building, objects and planes etc..)?
  17. The software behind TM Warthog is amazing...In another pc sim Rise of flight, it allowed one of users to make non existing trimming on WWWI era planes reality...it made me want to play it again (non exiting trimming was a reason i didnt want to play the game at the begining)...Although i know that there was no trimming in those planes... Well I have a little programming experience in lotus domino desginer, but my work at a bank as programer turned to another direction, when company hired the external developer firm, and now it is mostly related to IT system support...
  18. Hi...sorry to bother again...I read and read your code, and just started to getting some sense...Can you check why cant i get CSU,CSD,CSL,CSR hat in MI layer to be used as f1, f2, f3 and f4 views? I tried both MapKey(&Throttle, CSU, PULSE+F1); and CSU_MO = USB_F1 ; and it doesnt work... I could swear on my life that at some point i got it working " // Hrvoje Views // MapKey(&Throttle, CSU, PULSE+F1); // MapKey(&Throttle, CSL, PULSE+F2); // MapKey(&Throttle, CSR, PULSE+L_CTL+F4); //MapKey(&Throttle, CSD, PULSE+F3); CSU_MO = USB_F1 ; // Cockpit -- Cockpit view CSR_MO = USB_F2 ; // Air -- Aircraft view CSD_MO = USB_F4 ; // Tower -- Fly-By view CSL_MO = USB_F3 ; // ChaseArcade -- Arcade View) " UPDATE: Just found that i was using CSU_MO insrtead of CSU_MI.. But now i dont know how to map MSU and MSD to F1 and F3 views??
  19. Ivanwfr..i managed to try your script ..Only thing that i dont understand is this: "Slew / Trackpad mouse pointer freezing with S3 for a stable Left-Click." - what is this used for?
  20. Thx, will check later and report.... New report...as i reinstalled target your script works...great work, i like the dynamic sensitivity friction control thingie... Now, i will add some aditional commands using script -external views, and such...
  21. When starting DCSW_main.tmc i get error: Runtime Error: Symbol not found: OUT_ID_LED_5 in init_LED ( line 61 in util/util_LED.tmc )
  22. First, let me thank to ivanwfr...I am asking for a quick step by step guide on how to set up files in DCS_ivanwfr_110613.zip file. I would like to test all of this: ".. Adjusted snap-views key down timer from default 32ms to 50ms - (110613) * works much better (as in every time) with my rig (i7 960 + W7x64) ... Adjusted hat corner handling -- Throttle CS and Joystick H[1234] [uRDL] - (110612) ... Added th_DX_main.tmc for a simple DirectInput Trottle Mapping * needs loading related profile * ... Adjusted P&P profile for Patch-1108 ... China Hat that won't go in corners (...and disrupt Left Long Press = SOI) ... Hats in corners ... Slew keying/mousing tuned by Friction-Control ... DCSW_PNP_main.tmc as a bare PnP starting point ... Slew / Trackpad mouse pointer freezing with S3 for a stable Left-Click." and not to use default PNP configuration.
  23. Thanks iwanwfr and hassata...i managed to add new keys in option inside the game...
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