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  1. This is part of lua script in regard to CDU export...Can somebody check where is error? --***DO NOT MODIFY THESE COMMENT LINES*** --ICONTROLDCS v0.0.0.0 --LOCATION Scripts\Aircrafts\A-10C\Cockpit\CDU\indicator --CDU Export --Always replaced so we don't export the CDU when it's not needed. dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."devices_defs.lua") indicator_type = indicator_types.COMMON --CDU_INIT dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."CDU/indicator/CDU_pages.lua") init_pageID = id_CDU_Pages.CDU_PAGE_OFF CDU_preinit_files_path = LockOn_Options.script_path.."CDU/Indicator/Preinit/" page_subsets = {} dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."CDU/indicator/CDU_subsets_init.lua") ---------------------- pages = {} pages_by_mode = {} clear_mode_table(pages_by_mode, 10, 10, 29) function get_page_by_mode(master, L2, L3, L4) return get_page_by_mode_global(pages_by_mode,init_pageID,master,L2,L3,L4) end dofile(LockOn_Options.script_path.."CDU/indicator/CDU_pages_init.lua") use_parser = false dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."devices_defs.lua") indicator_type = indicator_types.COMMON used_render_mask = "interleave.bmp"
  2. Can somebody confirm if it works after 1.09 patch...I did complete reinstall of 1.09 game, and now i cant use icontrol dcs... 1. Radio frequencies are shown, but pressing and rotating dials doesnt change frequencies...Tacan and ILS portion works fine..TGP, Gun switches, laser etc works fine 2. CDU is shown on my main monitor, although i created display configuration so that MFDs and CDU are displayed all on my second monitor )my second mon. is my old laptop.. 3. CDU screen is black, but the buttons do work...
  3. There is a problem using icontrol dcs, after patching game to 1.09, my cdu exported to second monitor isnt visible on ipad icontrol dcs app...I get only black cdu on ipad.
  4. I am sending pic of my configuration, where you can see thad cdu export position is configured ok, but there is only black CDU ingame... For secondary PC i am using old laptopi with 1024*768 resolution
  5. Ok...thanks... Update** after 1.09 patch CDU export doesnt work...my mfds are shown and they work, radio comms panel works, but CDU is blank...I checked my config, and it looks correct...Any help?
  6. Ok will check...thanks...Is it only the radio frequencies portion of iControlDCS that would be affected if server doesnt allow data export to the scripts? I mean, mfds and cdu work without glitch...
  7. Man, you could sell those, if you made more of that...
  8. Can somebody confirm that in multiplayer radio frequencies dont show up on ipad? Isd there a fix? In singleplayer it works...
  9. Where is the update...? I dont see 2.01 on bit-shift.com, or apple store? What and where do I need to update - on my ipad, or my PC?
  10. Hows the weight compared to default setup?
  11. Thanks for sensitivity of stick x/y axis last night i finally managed to conect with tanker..awesome stuff Update ** 27.08.2011 - last night I managed to connect with tanker and got almost half tank of fuel...
  12. Hi...does anybody have measurements of placemenet of upper portion throttle switches (that are placed before LASTE panel)? I would like to make a panel with cut-out for switches which I can use for other simulations that i play..Check pic..
  13. Hi...do you have measurements of upper portion of throttle (switches that are pleced before LASTE panel)? I would like to make a panel witch cut outs for switches which I can use for other simulations that i play...Check this link for explanation.. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1241487#post1241487
  14. Just noticed this, check it out: http://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_188a.html
  15. S77th-Mustang --> I added some info about authors in pdf file, as per your instructions... Druid - thanks for you contribution...i added your section inside pdf
  16. I just removed and updated some sections in pdf...Thanks MemphisBelle.. Today i will try and add tutorial for mk-82 slick/high drag configuration...
  17. thanks will check it ...thanks will check it..
  18. It happens when you modify loadout in mission editor
  19. Thanks for info, will check later today... Another idea that came to mind...Could you make a dynamic setting of stick sensitivities for pitch, roll and yaw with using Friction control? Something similar to "... Slew keying/mousing tuned by Friction-Control"...but to adjust sensitivity of stick itself...so user can make stick less sensitive during refueling?
  20. Hmmm.what are those yellow stickers?
  21. Idea for dynamic campaign This is question/idea targeted at ED or comunity? Would it be possible to create campaign like mission structure similar to career mode in "Rise of flight"? In ROF there is career mode, that is simplified dynamic campaign - it randomly creates different type of missions (recon/bomb/cap/patrol etc...), but it keeps track of player progress..There is a time interval during which "campaign" lasts, and new missions get generated on a daily basis...Simply put player is advancing from day to day, and gets to play a different missions during the time interval (ie 800 days of WWWI)..Only thing available to select for player is ordnance, and the time of begining of campaign, and different squdron...
  22. OK now i only need to figure how to make my warthog load automatically profile that switches all backlightning off when i start windows...
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