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  1. Ok - i just finished my interecption mission (i am at around 9th mission) and i got debrief window...There are no percentages, and i got two circles for my next target...Which i have to attack and why there are to red cirlces on the map?  And also to developer - can you mark the red circles with other more visible colour?


    1 - MSN TGT.jpg

  2. When i am doing startup using checklists - i never see any step to turn radios on...And i see that i can use the at some point during alignement...Can anybody share me info when radios are turned off, and which system turns it on?

  3. On this particular mission i load all flight with only cap loadout - 2 sidewinder,  aim 120s and one fuel tank ).. I ordered them to CAP charlie.

    Track and  reply  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TgFMMTrRuoK9CaFba1EhfTafKtWOlgkv?usp=sharing

    You can see hooters and fish flying very low after dogfight and than crashing...

    Pickles - i dont know why lands after just flying...Trimmer jopins me at some point than attacks aa targets with guns..although he is at cap duty


    EDIT: I just saw that track is useless

  4. Yep - I like it also - on mission 6 and it asks me to hit this target from pic...Also i am sending my AI flights to SEAD - but they are flying at low altitudes (for example 6000-8000 ft and often get shot down)...Can developers please check the palyer cap/sead flight and change altitudes to > 15k ?

    2 - MSN TGT.jpg

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