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  1. Is it still work in progress?
  2. Does ATC works in normal flight? How does it work?
  3. Question about LL coordinates shown in briefing window - can i enter them directly to UFC or do i need to convert them first?
  4. @Canada_Moose Can you explain?
  5. And what are differences between cloud options /standard vs ultra?
  6. When i am doing startup using checklists - i never see any step to turn radios on...And i see that i can use the at some point during alignement...Can anybody share me info when radios are turned off, and which system turns it on?
  7. Since i finished my 6th mission in patch OB 2.5 - i got thise 5 code letters after finishing mission - E-H-I-F-D.. Now when i start 7th mission in patch OB 2.7 i dont have 6th letter - so what should i input to continue campaign ion new open beta patch?
  8. Do the reinstallation of target script softweare...Also do you see devices when starting profile through Target GUI?
  9. Will we need to restart campaign after new patch or we can just continue?
  10. On this particular mission i load all flight with only cap loadout - 2 sidewinder, aim 120s and one fuel tank ).. I ordered them to CAP charlie. Track and reply https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TgFMMTrRuoK9CaFba1EhfTafKtWOlgkv?usp=sharing You can see hooters and fish flying very low after dogfight and than crashing... Pickles - i dont know why lands after just flying...Trimmer jopins me at some point than attacks aa targets with guns..although he is at cap duty EDIT: I just saw that track is useless
  11. Yep - I like it also - on mission 6 and it asks me to hit this target from pic...Also i am sending my AI flights to SEAD - but they are flying at low altitudes (for example 6000-8000 ft and often get shot down)...Can developers please check the palyer cap/sead flight and change altitudes to > 15k ?
  12. I have one more question - what does this mean? I cant find what does -ref mean
  13. Thanks..I was having problems with pontus campaign where my AI flights dissapeared without getting shotdown, and Sead not doing what it should do..
  14. Or auto filling carrier comms to flight plan?
  15. 2_HR.trk112_HR test.miz Here is better example of overlflaying target
  16. Here is replay and mission111_HR test.miz 1_HR.trk
  17. Well, if that was documented somewhere then i wouldn't raise a ruckus...
  18. I am on 5-th mission and after takeoff I order my CAP flights to rejoin me...I watched mission via TACVIEW...Whats the point of me succesfully hitting strike targets, when all of my four flights crashes to ground? I order them to rejoin, i order them to rtb - fish and pickles are gone..First aircraft from fish flight goes to ground, second one dissappears while clearly going slow and constantly losses altitude...Same with pickles...watch the TACVIEW at 14:19:25 time point...Is the problem in your campaign or is it problem with DCS AI ? I am on the verge of asking for refund for your campaign.. Tacview-20210328-102749-DCS-Operation Pontus Stage 2.3_Rain.zip.acmi
  19. Problem is they are not getting shot down...they just crash to the ground because of constatnt descending...
  20. Devs - what's the latest info on this?
  21. Why does it look like tanker is flying straight and level, and i have to be banked left to stay connected?
  22. When this will be fixed? On every flught i watch replay in tac view and most of my flight crashes to the ground because AI is flying low...
  23. I am trying to setup my hotas - i would like to setup sensor control switch up long press command via target script as sensor control switch depress, but i need to know if there is some function already assigned via DCS F-18 to sensor control switch up long press command
  24. Yes i have some mods, + tacview, + vaicom pro extension...Maybe some of them is whats causing problems...? I also use 2 monitores and util to export mfd screens to second monitor
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