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  1. I also noticed that after 1.10 patch radio coms do work, but something is wrong witch central radio console (UHF) coms...Can somebody confirm if UHF radio panel buttons are working ok? BTW...i never mentioned it earlier, but gret work boarder2 - you made excellent app for ipad!!
  2. I noticed some menstions of resources system management...? Is that some sort of Dynamic Campaign?
  3. iControl DCS 2.1 - does it work after 1.10 patch? Radios i mean...
  4. I have Intel dual core E6400. oc to 3,4 GHZ with h50 corsair water cooler.. I also added one ordinary 120mm fan placed vertically on my Ati HD 6790 card that is blowing on my northbridge chipset and memory modules...So now my northbridge shows 36 celzius on speedfan utility..
  5. Is there a piot visible via shift+p keys?
  6. I did..after many unsuccessful tries, after i crashed my win7 64 bit installation, and after reinstalling win7 i managed to make my ATI card to use virtual monitor as my second extended one...
  7. After paying 59.99 usd for DCS A-10C beta - i am back to free Falcon BMS... Well, like it says in the title, I am back to flying Falcon BMS, but with nice addon from thrustmaster - TM warthog... The main reason is lack of any sort of dynamic-like-campaign. After learning to tackle with all the systems, avionics and stuff, reading the manual, finishing the campaigns and a little of multiplayer flying, i am still left un-satisfied..Nothing cant replace dynamic campaign. In new Falcon BMS there are a lot of improvements in avionics, flight model, graphic.. The team went so far, that they even implemented better effects during turbulence, buffeting on f-16 body (you can also noticed that some of the weapons are also buffeting on pylons!!). The feeling of approaching the refuel tanker from behind is incredible...The refuel tanker leaves turbulent air behind its engines, so when you are lining for refuelling, your plane wobbles a lot..Amazing stuff.. I just felt that i need to share this, and this also can serve as plea to developers to try and implement some sort of dynamic campaign - maybe in the future they could even try to give the community opportunity to help them create a little fraction of Falcon campaign...
  8. I have question about setting webview with button script Please check my attach, and help me if you can.. This is button script and thats what i dont quite understand yet.. <body style="margin:0"><img style="height:375px;width:750px" src="%touchirserver/grabber%"/></body> This is set for left mfd inside touch ir profile
  9. I am doing input using my ipad, and I was using old laptop only as extended monitor..After i bought new hdd, and after i did a whole re-install of win7 and my games, i managed to extend my desktop using virtual monitor fix (hence i dont need laptop to be connected anymore)...Everythig works via Wifi connection from ipad t my PC...
  10. Thanks for replies, i will try after i get home...
  11. This is just a post for people to show what axis curves and for what type of rudder pedals they are using... I am asking this, because i am using Logitech HOTAS pedals, and I am not pleased with the effects inflight when pushing full left/right rudder..e my planes roll violently, and then rolla to the other side ...
  12. Hey everyone. this may be a dumbandboring question, but i cant seem to find an answer anywhere in the forums - how to make changing radio frequencies to work with 1.09 patch using the iControl DCS? I dont understand how come TACAN nad ILS changing the frequencies are still working?
  13. Well, icontrol DCS has the Radio, TACAN and ILS panel...But changing frequencies using ipad doesnt work after patch 1.09 . Changing freqs for tacan and ils still works... I have touch ir also, but it doesnt have a panel for changing frequencies..(ie you cant change frequencies on ipad, and see the actual change on radio panel inside touch ir)...
  14. Any news about radio comm panel - frequencies are still not able to change using iControl DCS?
  15. Since 1.09 patch, radio comms export from game to the icontrol dcs stoped working. Whats changed and how to fix it? I am asking this because i paid some 30 usd for application for my ipad for controling mfds, cdu and radio comms, and now i cant use radio panel at all (ie. coant select radio freqs using icontrol dcs)..
  16. Ivanwfr, sorry but what is "L_WIN+ KP_DYNVIEWNUM"?
  17. Thanks, i played with it last night, it is working fine...
  18. No prob...im at work , after that tending to my 3 months old girl...after she goes to sleep, I will check if you came up with something...
  19. Hi ivanwfr...I need your help again... I am using trackIR, and i would like to use LTB button for: Center Track Ir Pause Track Ir HUD zoom I would like to use these key presses: Center Track IR -- F13 Pause Track IR -- F14 HUD zoom -- Num5 I would like this setup for LTB button: TH_MO - short press Centar Track IR, long press HUD Zoom TH_MI - short press Pause Track IR Can you please tell me how to add these custom commands to your th_MI.tmc and th_MO.tmc files? Also, what are the changes in new script files after patch?
  20. introduced a bug in the Export.lua for radio controls. The following devices no longer respond to performClickableAction. devices["UHF_RADIO"] = counter()--54 devices["VHF_AM_RADIO"] = counter()--55 devices["VHF_FM_RADIO"] = counter()--56
  21. Maybe this can help you refuel easier! http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3351620.html#Post3351620
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