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  1. I read that in FC3 there is some kind of resource system in missions. Does this mean that there will be some kind of new campaign available? In single player?
  2. Can somebody explain resource management stuff...So that i can decide if i should pay the price for FC3? If I dont pay for FC3 what am I losing from single and multiplayer game? I already own DCS A-10C, BS2, DCS world and DCS CA..
  3. Just to say i am happy user of boarder fine app, and i am also confirming that i dont even start A-10C if my Ipad isnt running Icontrol DCS...
  4. Prepare to read-a-lot if you are going with the BMS
  5. Is there premade LUA file needed to export to virtual second monitor on right side, with res of 1920*1080*? I would like to grab from that second monitor, whole area ?
  6. Thanks boarder in the meantime the problem fixed itself...now icontrol dcs app on my ipad remembers ip adress of server app
  7. The other night, me mates and I, while flying MP mission had to refuel and our tanker was flying in circle orbit all the time...When it was my turn i noticed that it is now possible for me to do half - tank refuel while doing constant left turn with tanker..Pre patch, i couldn even connect with tanker doing straight and level flight..
  8. If anybody knows if there is profile available for Touch control app for Ipad for use with BS2 in DCS WORLD?
  9. Ok just a littleinfo...all this happened after I changed my Internet service provider...Maybe this will help with finding a quick fix...
  10. Thanks tried install bonjour file (but i am using itunes and there is bonjour inside it) but nothing helps..how can i make ipad to remember ip adress entered in icontrol dcs? Can i copy somewhere ip adress of my server utils so i dont have to manually enter everytime i start icotrol dcs on ipad?
  11. Thanks - everything works in new version... The only problem is that i have to manually add ip adress everytime i start icontrol dcs on my ipad
  12. Hi all...i am using this solution. Main game monitor is 1920*1080, and my exported second one is also 1920*1080...What file do i have to use to get NVG window exported correctly? DOes anybody have fixed file mentions in another thread: "http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1508204#post1508204" - post # 32 ?
  13. Hi all...i am using this solution. Main game monitor is 1920*1080, and my exported second one is also 1920*1080...What file do i have to use to get NVG window exported correctly?
  14. This is from another thread: "I got a simple workaround, EDIT following file: ... DCS World/Scripts/UI/RadioCommandDialogPanel/CommandMenu.lua Line 55: menuWidth = 280 Increase this number (its in pixels) and the menu will move to the left side. Example... I have main screen 1920 pixels wide and 800 pixels touchscreen to its right... so my menus now show on the touchscreen... when I increase this number from 280 to 1080 (adding the 800 pixels of the touchscreen) the menu shows 280 pixels over the main monitor... simple aye "
  15. After patching to 1.2.0 , in BS2 cockpit button Air to Air Head-on does not light up when pressed
  16. What about us who bought Black Shark 2 upgrade version (not full BS2, but patch from BS1) - can we now have BS in DCS World?
  17. So if we install DSC world + DCS CA and upgrade A-10C to 1.2.0, do we still need to have DCS A-10C standalone installed?
  18. Hi boarder, last two lines are dofile("./Config/Export/TacviewExportDCS.lua") dofile(".\\A10VCServer\\Main.lua") --A10VCHook and also i am using version (it is written in about document) I noticed that inside the game - keyboard configuration - there is nothing assigned to MFD left and right buttons (OSD buttons)..
  19. Hi...i did this from your instructions .....> "If not starting fresh, restore your Config\Export.lua to the original backup" I also updated script, but when i start the game i see mfd export but i dont have any MFD or UFC key responses in the game...
  20. As of tonight couple of my buddies along with me could not connect to master..Not in DCS A-10C not in DCS World...
  21. Hi boarder, what must be enabled on server side so we can use Radio frequencies, switch updates, etc during multiplayer games with iControl DCS?
  22. Any update on open beta of Black Shark 2 not standalone version? ..?
  23. Can somebody use "winmerge" free util and check the differences between DCS world and DSC A-10C keyboard and joystick profile config files? I would like only to add new keyboard commands from my DCS A-10C keyboard config file to DCS A-10C world keyboard file this is what i found out: view explosion - cheat {combos = {{key = "X", reformers = {"LShift", "LCtrl", }}, }, down = iCommandViewExplosion, name = "Explosion", category = "Cheat"}, Rearm and refuel window {combos = {{key = "'", reformers = {"LAlt", }}, }, down = iCommandMissionResourcesManagement, name = "Rearming and Refueling Window", category = "General"}, toggle console combos = {{key = "`"}, }, down = ICommandToggleConsole, name = "Toggle Console", category = "Debug"},
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