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  1. Great mission last night...After not seeing server at all at the beginning, and after some 30 clicks on "new search" button, i finally saw your server on server list in DCS..I dont know why I have this problem...A mate from my squad had also the same problem, but he didn't managed to connect last night...Using correct IP adress and correct password also didn't help. We got "connection interrupted" message...
  2. DCS Ka-50 BS2 pilot has orange suit...
  3. I got the same on my Ka-50 pilot...Is it a bug?
  4. Here is link to my new profile for DCS BS2, for use with Touchcontrol app for your ipad. I am using main 1920*1080 monitor for cockpit screen, and extended one 1920*1080 for exported SHKVAL and ABRIS screens, along autopilot, datalink, PVI, and UV26 panels. Feel free to download from: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B56AawB19tX2OU5wZDhvZ2ZnZ1k Note**: I gathered bits and pieces of others work for some of the panels, so my gratitude goes out to them. Without their work and effort this profile wouldn't be possible.
  5. Please post if you had problems last night connecting... I didnt even see the server in server list, and by using manual method of entering IP adress i was geting conection interupted error. Other servers i could connect no problem at all. My buddy Aries managed to connect, then exited and after that lost the server from server list. After using this command ipconfig flushdns in CMD window inside winxp, he managed to connect again. It didnt work for me.
  6. I coudnt connect last nigh at all, i didnt even see the server in server list...I tried and managed to connect to other servers...Can you please send me correct Ip and if its possible for me to try and connect to server just for testing purpose before next campaign event?
  7. Thanks ghost...you helped me a lot..know i understand how to use web view buttons...
  8. Please tell me or point me how to fix comms..once i lift off, when i am not on the ground - no comms?
  9. Thx Thanks for your reply...now i have some idea what do to with what.. Thanks again..only thing i dont get is why you use left_mfd and left_mfds, and what is difference between the two web buttons?
  10. My problem is elaborated in .doc file (in attachement). if someone can explain how to use web view buttons in Touch control program, please help me.. Thanks Doc1.doc
  11. I need help configuring my DCS World to be able to export shkval and abris to my second monitor (for Blackshark 2. patch 1.2.1 for DCS WORLD). I tried searching forum, but there are soooo many posts that i am totally lost.. 1.my main monitor on my left side is 1920*1080 2. my second monitor is on my right side 1920*1080 3. i need lua file to have shkval and abris exported to my 2nd monitor at coordinates 1921x 0y..and i need a location where to put the file 4.after that i will use touch control to export shkval and abris to my ipad
  12. Are there any files that i have to copy to get russian voices for ka-50 in dcs world, after patch 1.2.1. If so where one needs to put the files?
  13. I am using two monitor setup, and in DCS CA, when commanding ground units when I click on arrow for expanding ground unit command options they are located on my second extended screen. How can I get them on my main monitor window?
  14. I am using DCS World, DCS CA, A-10 and BS2 latest patch 1.2.1 applied..I know the files are located in my documenst / save games..But there i have folders DCS, Warthog etc... Where are campaign game files saved for DCS A-10C and Black shark modules?
  15. Me too...anyone knows location of update log?
  16. Can somebody post default keyboard.lua file for 1.2.1 I need default key file, so please post if you have - for 1.2.1
  17. Can somebody please post new key commands for world and modules, after new patch?
  18. Hi all, i am using two monitor setup for exporting MFCDs to my second monitor..Now when i play with ground units in DCS Combined arms, i got streched optics and NVG view. I already managed to fix NVG, radio menus and debrief and rearm window for DCS A-10C...How can i fix streched views in DCS CA?
  19. I noticed i have a lot of "connection interrupted" errors trying to fly in MP when editing files in script folder. The reason i need to edit files is to use multi monitor setup, and to get debrief, rearm and comms window to display properly on my main screen. If i dont edit files, those windows are shown on my extended monitor.
  20. I read that in FC3 there is some kind of resource system in missions. Does this mean that there will be some kind of new campaign available? In single player?
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